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The Reason Why Team Secret’s Hamez Switched From League of Legends PC to Wild Rift

If you don’t know who James “Hamesz” is, he is the captain and support of Team Secret’s LoL: Wild Rift. According to sources in his latest live stream, he revealed why he shifted from LoL PC to LoL Wild Rift Mobile.

According to him, his region, the Philippines, doesn’t have the necessary arrangement or tools for the esports scene in League of Legends. He also said that the LoL PC Esports isn’t like it used to be back in the day. As a result, his region didn’t have the required arrangements, which led to Pro Players’ downfall in the Philippines.

He also added that the LoL Wild Rift is something new and fresh compared to the PC version of the game. Also, the support of LoL Mobile is better than the PC Version in his region. That was the main reason he decided to switch.

Hamez Briefly explained why LoL Wild Rift’s esports scene is better in the Philippines than LoL PC.

Hamez has also been one of the best players of LoL PC. He has been in the League of Legends esports scene for a while now, and it took him nowhere to begin with. The small esports team in the Philippines are still struggling to reach the top, and the teams already there still don’t have the necessary arrangement available for them to begin with.

He said that this had not been the case with Wild Rift as it’s fresh, new and more entertaining. Liyab Esports has been his go-to team, and only they were able to make it to the top, and the team struggling at the bottom never got a chance to come forward.

He added that this is a very unfair practice, and it’s awful for the other teams to other teams that have the potential to go up, but they are not able to do so.

“When you mention the two (Korea and China), you get scared because they are always the champions (in LoL PC). But in Wild Rift, we all learn at the same pace as China and Korea. It’s not that scary, and we can keep up with them, stated Hamez.

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