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Far Cry 6: What is the QR Code Easter Eggs | New FPS Mode

Far Cry 6 coming on October 7, with lots of Unknown Easter Eggs that show interlinking between the previous Far cry seasons and some amazing twists.

Another Interesting thing in Far cry 6 came across the players, which is the QR Codes Easter eggs, which has been hidden in the games and made possible by the developers.

The QR Codes are scattered along with the whole map and can be found at different places such as boxes, doors, vehicles, and other places.

There are lots of QR Codes to find, but as the game is not released there are very few QR Codes are found by the players, and are shown here.

What does the QR Code used for?

The QR Code is implemented by the Far Cry 6 developers and made hidden around the YARA, which is meant to find order to get some interesting unknown facts or information.

Every QR Code is unique and shows different outputs, we have got here two QR Codes that define a lot of different things related to the game.

The Code then needs to be scanned with a real mobile phone with a QR code scanner in it, then it will redirect you to the desired output with a piece of information or clue about the next Far cry update!

Blood Dragon QR Code

The First QR Code here we got is the Blood Dragon QR Code, This QR Code can be found on the neck of the K9000 dog. Which you need to scan it from a real phone.

After scanning the QR code, it will redirect you to a website where you will see some text from Dolph Laserhawk, who is the lead in the show “Captain laserhawk a blood dragon remix” as a Netflix show.

Pressing the Start button will open a sliding puzzle game, which when completed, shows artwork for the Far cry inspired show.

New Far Cry Mode QR Code

Location of the QR Code :

The Second QR Code we have here is the most different and can be the new FPS mode in Far cry 6. This code can be found inside the base located in “COSTA DEL MAR” in Map.

This QR Code shows many indications for future updates in far cry 6. When scanned this QR code with your real device, will move you to the short quick video which shows some messages about the new game mode.

What does the QR Code Shows :

If you see the clip here, it shows some bullet guy, then a map which shows a map from previous far cry 4 with red arrows which are the players moving in that direction, it seems a new game mode is preparing by the developers.

The New Mode can be Battle royale as there are more than 2 players in-game, with some wild animals in it, you need to survive the area which is located at the “SKY TEMP” location on the map.

Expected Release Date for the New FPS Mode :

Also, as per fans’ expectations, the Dates on the left side of QR codes show numbers 1024, which is 10/24 as the 24th of October and can be the release date for this battle royale.

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