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Fix ImportError: Specified Module Could not be Found (2022)

ImportError: DLL load failed: the desired module couldn’t be found error happens due to the incompatibilities of Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual Studio) versions. the most effective thanks to fix this error (import error: DLL load failed) is to reinstall/ install the Microsoft Visual C++ distribution. Besides this, typically manually adding the DLL files additionally fix this error. Let’s explore these strategies one by one.

In this article, we will learn about how to fix this error easily if you face it.

Method 1: Reinstallation of the Microsoft Visual C++

You have to download Microsoft Visual C++. It will come as different versions of the distribution between ( Visual Studio 2015,2017 and 2019). In most cases, this step will fix the error (import error: failed to load DLL)

Method 2: By manually adding the required DLLs-

In the previous step, we completely reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++. But we can also fix the error if we only replace the required DLL file. Follow the basic steps below:

  1. First, you need to download the msvcp71.dll file.
  2. Then you need to save the file at the location C:\ Windows \ System32.
  3. If you have 64-bit OS, then please save the file at the location C:\ Windows \SysWOW64.
  4. You can also try the msvcr71.dll file in the place of the above DLL file.

Method 3: By reinstalling the Python package (blocker) with Python-

The error we are facing is mainly due to some python packages with their underline incompatible libraries. So we can just replace or reinstall the existing python with the latest and compatible version. Then we have to reinstall the libraries on top of it.

Method 4: By Configuring the Environment Variables-

If any of the methods do not work then you should just check whether the environment variables are set correctly. Sometimes the environment variables may change without any reason. In this particular case, you should configure the environment variables again.


Hope that all the above steps fix your errors. Just keep in mind to properly follow the steps and work accordingly. Do not try anything new as it may crash.

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