Fortnite Season 8: Where to Get Ice Machines with Location

Ice Machines, There are around 22 ice machine locations on the island scattered. hidden around the places, houses, rivers, and many more places. You have to find them all in order to get free XP rewards.

Fortnite Season 8 is really amazing and had come with lots of free stuff, that you can complete or collect in order to get some free in-game rewards. So, If you are looking for some free rewards or XP’s in-game, Make sure you find and Open the Ice Machines by exploring the island.

Follow this quick guide that will help you to find these Ice Machines’ possible locations that exist.

What are the Ice Machines used for?

Find and Open these Ice Machines, and get free XP in the game, which is way more than collecting normal items and doing quests.

The Ice Machines can be found anywhere, which is not constant and the location changes every time when you start the match.

So, if you try to find the location with the existing machine in your previous match, it will be there in the same exact spot this time.

Where to Find the Ice Machines in Map

There are 22 locations where you can find these machines, The Most Common Place where you can find these machines are Around gas Stations, always look for the gas stations in any area around the island.

Fortnite season 8 ice machines locations
All Possible areas for Ice Machines

Believer Beach

You can easily find Ice Machines on Believer Beach, Around six locations these machines are scattered. To Search these, follow the locations –

  • One at Near the Edge of the Swimming Pool
  • Two Around the Sea, first one at the End of Dock in small house
    and second on the beach
  • Three Ice Machines can be found at the South direction buildings

Misty Meadows

At Misty Meadows, There are total 4 locations where the Ice Machines are located, to find follow these locations –

  • Two machines can be found inside the Big Single Building in the south direction.
  • third is located near the hill side building.
  • Fourth is located in the third building in row, right side of the river.

Weeping woods

Another famous location for finding Ice machines is the weeping woods. You can get a total of three machines in this area.

  • Just above the T Shaped Roads, You will see gas station, There is the First Ice machine.
    On the left side of Mending machine.
  • Or check the houses there, for other two machines.

Holly Hedges

  • At the U shaped road, at the right side you will see Gas station, there is the first ice machine.
    On right side of mending machine

Sludgy Swamp

In Sludgy Swamp, just find the gas station looking at the map, you will get the location easily.

  • Visit the gas station, outside the station you will get the Ice machine.

Catty Corner

There is a total of three ice machines in this area, the most common is outside the gas station, and the other around the sea.

  • Outside the gas station, there is first machine
  • Second and third can be anywhere around near the river.

Craggy Cliffs & Retail Row

In both these areas, you can get the location of ice machines, around the backside of the shops that exist there.

  • Go to the Shops
  • Walk behind and check the machines there

However, the location of ice machines is not constant, it changes every time. So make sure you follow these gas stations where you can get the Ice Machines easily. Make sure to complete your challenges of ice machines and get free rewards.

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