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Fortnite – Where to Find ‘Bud the Mushroom’ in Season 8

In this Fortnite new Update, there is a new interesting character added to the game, something which was already there in the old seasons, is now back again.

Here we are talking about ‘Bud The Mushroom’ which are now back again in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, after a year which was also available in Season 2.

As a Friendly Character, the Players can find these Mushrooms in the game and have some fun with them.

What is ‘Bud The Mushroom’ in Fortnite?

Bud the mushroom’s were initially added in Season 2, where players can go and find these, and these mushrooms will act as a companion and will give you heals.

These Mushrooms wakes up when you do Emotes in front of them, and give heals to you. And then they continue to follow the player across the island.

What are the Changes to Bud the Mushroom in Season 8

Bud the mushroom’s are back in the latest season of Fortnite, but however, there are some drastic changes to their behaviour since back compared to season 2.

Instead of giving you continuous heal and following you around, these mushrooms will not give you healing now, nor will follow you across the map.

The only thing these mushrooms can do now is to grow & dance with you, when you do emotes with them.

Where to Find Bud the Mushroom in Season 8?

There can be different Bud Mushroom locations on the map, currently, we have known for this main location for the mushroom’s which is near the Corny Complex.

  • Go to Corny Complex
  • Go Outside, Near the River
  • Find the Barn there on U Curve
  • Go Inside to get the Mushrooms

Check the Marked location on the Map for more.

The Bud Mushrooms in Season 8 are only for fun, as they now don’t give benefit to the players. But still, this is a great addition to funny mushrooms, that you can have fun with.

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