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Complete Quests & Punchcards in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite Season 8, is now officially realeased and live! In this new Fortnite Season 8, there are lots of useful challenges and tasks which has been added by Epic games and this is going to be amazing expereince.

With Active challenges in Fortnite & Battle pass Fortnite Season 8, there is a new additon in game which is the Punchcards, which is very much useful.

Fortnite is really made easy for the Players to gain some XP’s by completing those Legendary quests and others that comes with the Punchcards.

What are Fortnite Punchcards?

This time in Fortnite, instead of using those old Legendary quests and Epic Quests, Fortnite has introduced Punchcards. Which are available in large number of XP’s in game.

With Punchcards, you will be able to see all the Quests that will be useful to gain more XP’s and get the Battlepass. Punchcards works same as the old methods like in previous seasons, but in a different way.

1) How to Complete the Quests in Punch Cards

First go Talk to any NPC on the island, so that you get the Questline. After that you need to go to complete that Task given by the NPC. After you completed the Quest from Questline, you will go to the next stage.

2) How much XP do i get from the Quests in Questline

By Completing the Full Questline, you will be rewared 80,000 XP each. And Calculating for total 17 Questlines you will get total of 1,360,000 XP.

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All 17 Character Punchcards

There are total of 17 Character Punchcards in Fortnite Season 8, which has lots of quests inside which you can easily follow to get more XP in game.

Here are the list of total Punchcard Details in Fortnite Season 8, which is shown as the list also check in video in detailed –

  1. Wrath’s Escaped Tenant questline
  2. Fabio Sparklemane’s Party Locale questline
  3. Toona Fish’s Hue-ge Discovery questline
  4. The Brat’s Hot Dog questline
  5. J.B. Chimpankski’s War Effort questline 
  6. Sorana Questline (Not in game yet)
  7. Scuba Jonesy’s Surf Turf questline
  8. Pitstop’s Stunt Training questline
  9. Penny’s Build Passion questline
  10. Madcap’s Mushroom Master questline
  11. Kitbash’s Making Friends questline
  12. Torin’s Monster Research questline
  13. Dusk’s Vampire Combat questline
  14. Kor’s Sniper Elite questline
  15. Dark Jonesy’s Spooky questline
  16. Charlotte’s 10 Heist questline
  17. Baba Yaga’s new Brew questline

Below we have Tutorials for Quests that you can watch and follow the video to complete then quickly.

Below are the Tutorials to Complete the Quests. All Quests are not covered, but most of them are added. These Tutorials will be enough can give you lots of XP’s.

Follow the time stamps from the video so that you can collect them quick as possible.

How to Complete All Toona Fish Color Styles

Dark Jonesy’s Spooky questline

Youtube :Comrad3s

Penny’s Build Passion questline

Madcap’s Mushroom Master questline

Youtube :Comrad3s

J.B. Chimpankski’s War Effort questline 

Youtube :Comrad3s

The Brat’s Hot Dog questline

Youtube :Comrad3s

Charlotte’s 10 Heist questline

Youtube :Comrad3s

Pitstop’s Stunt Training questline

Youtube :Comrad3s

Baba Yaga’s new Brew questline

Youtube :Comrad3s

These were the Complete list for Fortnite Season 8 Punchcards, Quests and tutorials which might helped you gaining some XP’s. We have currently added only few tutorials for one quest at the moment, we will be adding more tutorials for Punchcards soon, stay connected.

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