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Fortnite – How to Unlock Rainbow Racer Skin (Refer a Friend)

unlock rainbow racer fortnite

Fortnite is the Best FPS game for free rewards & challenges. Fortnite is adding up so many free challenges that are going to provide free rewards, gifts, skins and many more.

The New, Latest Challenge which is currently running and on the top free challenges is the “Refer a Friend” Challenge.

Here you already know, all about the Refer a friend challenge in Fortnite, but the tutorial is for those who are looking to Unlock Rainbow Racer Skin for free.

What is “Refer a Friend” Challenge in Fortnite?

refer a friend fortnite

Refer a Friend Challenge is somewhat similar to the Reboot a Friend Program, which was active before in early 2021. Here is your opportunity to invite your friends and get free rewards from them.

The Benefit of this challenge is that both the referrer and receiver will get free rewards. Epic Games mentioned you should complete this Event Before Nov 14, 2021, to get all benefits from this challenge.

“Refer a Friend” Challenge Start and End Date

The Dates for this Event are provided below, make sure you keep the dates in mind in order to get benefits from this challenge on time.

Event Sign Up Dates –

  • Start Date : October 25th (10am ET)
  • End Date : November 14th (11:59pm ET)

Task Dates –

  • Start Date : October 25th (4am ET)
  • End Date : January 10th (11:59pm ET)

Rainbow Racer Skin in Fortnite

The Refer a Friend Challenge also allows you to get these great looking Rainbow Racer Skins for free. There is a total of five rewards, that you can unlock from this challenge.

Also, To track your progress on this challenge, you can do it from the Refer a Friend page on Epic Games website.

All Five Rainbow Racer Rewards

Get a chance to unlock these free items from the grab, which are available by completing the challenge.

  • Rainbow Racer Loading Screen
  • Rainbow Racer Weapon Wrap
  • Rainbow Racer Glider
  • Rainbow Racer Pickaxe Harvesting Tool
  • Rainbow Racer outfit

How to Unlock Rainbow Racer Skin for Free

Follow the Steps to Earn free rewards by Completing Refer a Friend challenge –

  1. Open & Sign up to the Refer a Friend Program Page
  2. Select your Friends that you want to Refer
  3. Do In Game Challenges together
  4. Make sure the Player who accepts the invite is new and hasn’t played more
    than 120 Minutes in last 30 days (Solo, Duo, Trios, Squads)
  5. Share the Link to your friends

This is how you can get Rainbow Racer skin for free by completing the challenge, & getting rewards within the event dates.

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