Fortnite – How to Unlock The Cube Queen Skin Quest & Rewards

how to unlock cube queen skin in fortnite

In Fortnite, there is a new challenge going on which is ‘The Cube Queen’ Quest, added by Epic Games. With new updates, there always comes some new challenges in Fortnite that players waiting for.

The Update comes out as Fortnite v18.30 patch, which brings Combat Shotgun vs Boogie Ball vote, Cube Queen Challenges and some punchcard quests.

With running Cube Queen Quest, you can easily complete all the challenges to get rewarded. Also, the Cube Queen Skin, that you are looking for.

What is The Cube Queen Challenge in Fortnite?

With the Arrival of Fortnite v18.30 patch, Here is the new Challenge or Quest set which comes with some amazing and unique Queen Set rewards, including the Cube Queen Skin itself.

The Cube Queen Challenge inlcldues total of ten challenges, that are easy to complete and will offer you some awesome rewards. Checkout the next para for Quests & Rewards for Cube Queen in Chapter 2 Season 8.

Cube Queen Quests & Rewards

These are the Quests or challenges that are avialble in the game to start with. The Quests are divided into two different Pages, Page 1 and Page 2.

Check out the Challenges & their Rewards on the right side, that you will get by compelting the Quests from both Pages in game.

Page 1 :

Page 2 :

How to Unlock the Cube Queen Skin?

To Unlock the Cube Queen Skin, you do not need to complete all the Quests along with both pages, you just need only one task and it will not take a long to compete.

Doing the 1st Quest from Page 1 will be eniough inorder to get the Cube Queen Skin. But if you are looking for more Queen Rewards and more XP, you can complete the rest Challenges, which are discussed below.

How to Complete All the Cube Queen Quests?

To Gain more of the XP’s and Rewards from the Queen Quests, you can complete all of them very easily and quick.

The Perfect Score from Youtube, has already made the One video for all of these Queen Challenges, and made it easy to complete all of them in less than 10 Minutes.

Follow the video, checkout the Time stamps, and get all the Quests Complete easily.

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