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Best Racing Wheel Settings Forza Horizon 5 (Sensitivity & More)

Best Racing Wheel Settings Forza Horizon 5 (Sensitivity & More)

Forza Horizon 5 has great features and with new cars, players will be loving the Mexico vibe this game provides. Drive through the beaches, forests, temples and on the roads of Mexico and enjoy this whole modern forza experience.

Of course, a racing game without the wheel controller is like not able to enjoy the best on hand experience of driving the fastest car in the world and how the mechanics of different cars work.

In this guide we will discuss the best settings for racing/steering wheels like Logitech G920/G29, thrustmaster and more wheel like these. These settings include sensitivity, movement controls, camera angle and more.

Racing Wheel Controls Forza Horizon 5

Racing wheel controls totally depends on the wheel that you are using and the features that your wheel provides. These features may include buttons, pedals, steering controls and more that differs for different wheels.

Steps to follow

  1. Go to settings and then controls.
  2. In the wheel section, choose a profile to create a custom layout.
  3. In the steering left and right, rotate the wheel with respect to the direction left or right.
  4. For brake, accelerate and clutch, use the pedals by pressing them.
  5. If you have an additional pedal or brake rod, use it for e brake, otherwise use the keys.
  6. Adjust all other settings according to your need with buttons given on the wheel.

Racing Wheel Sensitivity Forza Horizon 5

These settings will help you understand the basic guidelines of how it changes your gameplay. These settings are completely my preference, and you can modify these settings according to your need depending on your wheel.

Recommended Racing Wheel Sensitivity

Best Racing Wheel Settings Forza Horizon 5
DescriptionValues 1Values 2
Steering Axis Deadzone Inside00
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside 100100
Steering Linearity5850
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Inside 00
Acceleration Axis Deadzone Outside 100100
Deacceleration Axis Deadzone Inside 00
Deacceleration Axis Deadzone Outside 100100
Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside Increase Little Bit0
Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside 9570
E-Brake Axis Deadzone Inside 1010
E-Brake Axis Deadzone Outside 100100
Vibration Scale0.30.5
Force Feedback Scale1.30.5
Center Spring Scale2.01.0
Wheel Damper Scale2.01.0
Mechanical Trail Scale2.01.5
Force Feedback Minimum Force0.70.9
Force Feedback Load Sensitivity0.90.7
Road Feel Scale0.51.0
Off-Road Feel Scale0.81.0
Steering Sensitivity0.50.7
Note: You can tweak these settings based on your preference also

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