Free Fire Diwali Event 2021: Event Dates, Rewards & Skins

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Free Fire has now added the officially new Diwali Event 2021, which is now live with lots of free rewards to get, and lots of fun stuff is in the queue.

Now the First Look of Diwali Event is successfully released and is a great time to get benefit from it. Diwali Event, Festival of Lights of India, This event is full of rewards, gifts, skins, and much more cool stuff that you do not want to miss.

What is Diwali Event in Free Fire?

Diwali Event is not the same as another event, it is an Exclusive Event that comes for a short period of time, in a year on the occasion of the Diwali Festival for Indian players.

In this Diwali Mode, there is going to be lots of fun rewards, that everyone is looking for, which are all unique and free to collect.

Check out All the Events, Dates inside the Event Calendar in the Diwali Events, that are described below.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2021 Calendar

The Free Fire Diwali Event is starting from 25th October and will exist till 11 November 2021. It will be celebrated one by one with the going dates. Check the Calendar with the Dates for Every event dates along with the event name below.

Diwali EventStart Date
Lone Wolf Mode OpenOctober 25, 2021
Charge the Portal to Come HomeOctober 25, 2021
Pick Your Own Diwali HampersOctober 29, 2021
Rang De Rangoli October 29, 2021
Count Down To DiwaliNovember 2, 2021 
Free Magic CubeNovember 4, 2021 
Diwali Party November 4, 2021 
After Party GiftsNovember 5, 2021 

Free Fire Diwali All Event Details

1) Lone Wolf Mode Open

lone wolf mode

Lone Wolf Mode is the new 1v1 & 2v2 game Mode, which has two different dates for the start. The 1v1 Mode starts on 25th October, whereas the 2v2 mode in this game is starting from 29 October 2021.

This Mode is not the first time released on Free Fire, it was released way back before, but was only 1v1. In this Mode, you have to choose any guns and weapons and survive.

Game Mode: 1v1 and 2v2
Start Date : 25 Oct & 29 Oct 2021
End Date : 04 Nov 2021

2) Charge the Portal to Come Home

charge the portal to come home

The Second Mode is “Charge the Portal to Come Home” where you have to complete desired missions to get energy points and get the maximum total charge.

  • Super Charge : 130 energy points
  • Extra Charge : 90 energy points
  • Portal Unlock : 50 energy points

Get Along with a total of four friends and complete it together. You have to get tokens in order to unlock from any of these three charges and win free gun skins inside it.

Start Date: 25 Oct 2021
End Date: 07 Nov 2021

3) Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers

pick your own diwali hampers

In this Mode, Players can collect desired prizes from the selective choice. And need to open the mode continuously for seven days in order to get the desired skin.

The Items which you can get from this Diwali Hamper can be one from the banner of Diwali Hamper above.

Start Date: 29 Oct 2021
End Date: 07 Nov 2021

4) Rang De Rangoli 

rang de rangoli

Rang De Rangoli Mode is somewhat different from other modes, here you have to get the Desi gangster Bundle, which you can also see in the image above.

In this Mode, you have to choose any rangoli pattern there and have to kill other enemies in order to get Brushes, and after collecting, complete the rangoli with the colours to get the desi character look.

Start Date: 29 Oct 2021
End Date: 07 Nov 2021

5) Count Down To Diwali

The Countdown to Diwali is the Mode, which will be active till two days before Diwali which is 02 Nov 2021, as it is a countdown to Diwali, you can only do it two days before Diwali day.

Start Date: 02 Nov 2021
End Date : 04 Nov 2021

6) Claim Free Magic Cube

claim free magic cube

In order to get the Free Magic Cube, you can get rewards from it. The only way to get it free is to check the game on 4th November, by checking and login into the game.

Start Date: 04 Nov 2021

You can win skin bundles from it, which can be –

  • Duchess Swallowtail
  • L.C. Colonel
  • Beast-Arm Mutant
  • Mystic Seeker
  • The Age of Gold
  • Yokai Soulseeker
  • Oni Soulseeker
  • The Period of Gold
  • Inking Affection
  • Beast-Arm Clone
  • L.C. Commander
  • Arcane Seeker
  • Hipster Bunny

7) Diwali Party 

diwali party

The Diwali Party Mode is very simple among all these modes, you can only play this Mode on Diwali which is Nov 04, 2021, and complete missions to get free rewards.

Start Date: 04 Nov 2021

8) After Party Gifts

The After Party Gifts, which is the last Diwali party gift, that you can get at the very end. The Event is Ending on 11 November, which is the last ending mode of the Diwali Event.

These were all Free Fire Diwali Events 2021, with dates on the Event calendar, discussed in this post, make sure to get all these free rewards before Diwali Event gets to an end.

Start Date : 05 Nov 2021
End Date : 11 Nov 2021

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