5 Best Wifi Cards for Gaming PC to Buy 2022 (with Reviews)

When we talk about building a custom PC for gaming, the commonly mentioned things include GPU, CPU, Power Unit, Ram, Monitor, Motherboard, Keyboard, Mouse, and various other accessories. But one thing that hardly anyone talks about is a Wifi Card. This article mentions some of the best Wifi Cards for gaming PC available in the market currently.

What is a WiFi Card?

Wifi Cards
  • People with a laptop or a premade PC might not even know what a Wifi Card is. A Wifi Card basically connects to your Laptop/PC using a USB port or a PCIe port. Its job is to connect your system wirelessly to the wifi router in your house and give you access to the internet. The reason some of you might not know about it is that most laptops or PC already come with a Wifi Card installed in them.
  • Also, when it comes to the internet for Gaming, people usually prefer connecting an Ethernet Cable for a direct-wired connection to your system. This removes all of the latency issues and spikes because a wired connection provides the fastest internet speed.
  • But, with the release of 5GHz wireless internet and optical fiber cables by the WiFi providers, the wireless connection has caught up to ethernet cables. So, if you’re looking for the best wifi cards for gaming PC because you prefer a wireless connection, we’ve got you.
  • Before we get into the best Wifi Cards for gaming PC, we want to highlight the difference between a 5GHz internet and a 2.4 GHz internet. They both differ from each other based on range and speed.
  • The 5GHz provides users with a phenomenal speed which is very close to the speed provided by Ethernet, but it has a really short range. The 2.4GHz provides users with 50-60% lesser speed than 5GHz but a massive increase in the range of wifi connectivity.

Best WiFi Cards for Gaming PC

Now that we’re done explaining the basics, let’s dive straight into the 5 best wifi cards for Gaming PC available in the market right now. In this article, we’ll be discussing the wifi cards that connect to your system’s PCIe port because they provide a much better speed.

For the Wifi Cards connecting through PCIe port, users will need to download some drivers that can be found within a CD-Rom that comes with the card or on the company’s website.

TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000

Best wifi cards for Gaming PC
TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000

TP-Link is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the best Wifi Routers and best Wifi Cards for gaming PC. TP-Link Wifi 6 AX3000 is arguably the best WiFi card available in the market right now. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 and provides up to 2402 Mbps speed on a 5 GHz connection and 574Mbps on a 2.4GHz connection.

Just like every other Wifi Card in this article, this one is also connected straight to your system’s PCIe port. WiFi Cards connecting to a PCIe port provides a much better internet speed because they directly connect to the motherboard compared to the cards that connect through a USB port. It is available on Amazon for INR4713.


  • 2402 Mbps on 5GHz and 574 Mbps on 2.4GHz.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Minimized Lag for the best gaming experience.
  • Two multi-directional antennas with a magnetic base.


  • Bulkier than other normal Dongles.
  • Some users had trouble getting the required drivers.



ASUS is a well-known brand when it comes to PC or mobile-related technologies. They’ve made their place in almost every technological field including PC parts, Mobiles, and Wifi routers and cards. ASUS PCE-AC88 provides 2100Mbps speed with a 5GHz connection and 1000 Mbps speed with a 2.4GHz connection.

The card has a custom heatsink that effectively dissipates the heat for improved stability and reliability. This one also comes with 4 multi-directional antennas. The card is currently available to buy on Amazon for INR8642.


  • 2100 Mbps on 5GHz and 1000 Mbps on 2.4GHz.
  • Custom heatsink to effectively dissipate heat.
  • Four multi-directional antennas with a magnetic base.


  • Some users reported disconnection from internet sometimes.

TP-Link AC1300

TP-Link AC1300

Having a second one from TP-Link in the best WiFi cards for gaming PC really shows the reliability of the brand. TP-Link AC1300 also connects to PCIe port and dual-band wireless setup providing up to 1300 Mbps speed. It comes with a heat sink as well.

This card can be a great pick for people who are on a budget or just don’t feel like spending a lot on a mere wifi card when ethernet can be set up much cheaper. Although, this card doesn’t provide the greatest speed possible. It is currently available on Amazon for INR2749.


  • Dual-band wireless set up with up to 1300 Mbps speed.
  • In-built heatsink technology.
  • Comes with 2 detachable antennas to provide an increased range.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP.


  • Some users reported driver issues.
  • The speed provided by the card isn’t the greatest compared to the competition.

Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE

Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE

Featuring an 802.11AC Dual Band, Rosewill RNX-AC1900PCE is currently available on Amazon for INR3927. The card provides up to a speed of 1300 Megabits per second with 3 omnidirectional antennas for maximum coverage.

It also has a heat distribution system for core components and the antennas are upgradeable. It supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.


  • Dual-band wireless set up with up to 1300 Mbps speed.
  • In-built heat distribution for core components.
  • Comes with 3 omnidirectional upgradeable antennas.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP.


Ubit AX210 WiFi 6E

Ubit AX210 WiFi 6E

Ubit AX210 WiFi 6E features Bluetooth 5.2 and comes with a tri-band set up with a 6Hz and a 5GHz band providing up to 2400Mbps and 574Mbps with a 2.4 GHz band. The wifi connects to PCIe port and is overall relatively cheap for the features it provides.

As the last entry in the best wifi cards for Gaming PC, it is currently available for INR2820 on amazon. Bluetooth 5.2 gives an increased range and coverage of the internet and it also looks stylish to top it off.


  • tri-band wireless set up with up to 2400 Mbps speed.
  • Bluetooth 5.2.
  • Comes with 2 antennas.
  • Increased range and coverage.
  • Seamless Installation.


That will do for the best Wifi cards for Gaming PC. Hope this article was helpful.

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