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How to Fix Saints Row Unable to Start the Game – 9 Easy Ways

We know, We know, We know that you are upset. You have bought the all-new Saints Row with a lot of excitement for nothing but lots of bugs and errors. Leave the bugs aside, many are facing the issue where the game doesn’t even start. It just shows a message saying “Unable to start the game. Please restart and make sure you accept the permissions for using the game with your Epic account.”. Don’t worry at all anymore now, you are reading the right article, we will tell you how to fix this issue.

Saints Row, the reboot, was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The game is available on Windows(PC), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the cloud gaming service Google Stadia, I’ve completely forgotten that this Stadia thing even exists. Saints Row, the reboot, is Epic Games Store on PC to purchase.

But before you proceed any further, to prevent these kinds of problems, we strongly recommend you keep your system up to date. This means having the latest available drivers for your graphic card. Manufacturers optimize your specific GPU for the latest games and push out the drivers regularly, that’s why they’re so important. Here are the official links from where you can download the latest drivers, Nvidia, AMD, Intel Also, have the latest available DirectX version for your system, you can find them here It is also recommended to have the latest version of windows installed to avoid such problems.

We will now mention a few possible solutions to get the game up and running:

Fix 1 Close & open the game again:

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If you are just stuck on a black screen or the game just keeps loading for eternity, then simply close the game. To make sure it has ended completely, end the program from the Task Manager, which you can access by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Once it has closed, re-open the game. I know this is a very dumb fix to write, I know everyone does this instinctively, but it’s just the way these articles work.

Fix 2 Logout from Epic Games:

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If restarting the game didn’t work for you, sometimes the problem can be with your Epic account itself or just with Epic’s servers. So, log out from your Epic account and completely close the Epic Games Client. Now open the Epic Games Launcher again and log into your account. What this does is remove any random glitches that might have occurred previously and also refreshes your connection with Epic’s servers by establishing a new connection altogether.

Fix 3 Restart your PC:

If none of the above-mentioned fixes worked for you, then you better restart your entire PC just in case as we proceed to further fixes. Restarting a device always mostly eliminates all the random glitches and errors that you might face, not only with games but also with any other program.

Fix 4 Run Epic Games Launcher as Admin:

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Once you have rebooted your PC, right-click on the Epic Games Launcher .exe file > Select properties > Navigate to compatibility section > Check run as administrator. Once that is done, try running the game again and see if it works.

Fix 5 Disable overlay applications:

Sometimes overlay applications might cause such issues, they can interfere with the game you are trying to run and crash them. Overlay applications are not something fancy, you are most probably using them, some are Nvidia Geforce Experience, Epic Games, Overlay, Discord overlay, or sometimes even something as simple as afterburner overlay. We suggest turning all of them off and try running the game then.

Fix 6 Verify game files:

saints row reboot new characters and customization explained tney

Sometimes if the game hasn’t been installed properly, a few files will go missing. Or perhaps you might have deleted those files by mistake. The game might not start because there aren’t all the required files installed on your computer required by the game. So we have to verify if all the files are intact or not. Doing so is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to open Epic Games Launcher, navigate to your library, and select the three dots you see on the game’s thumbnail, now select manage, and select verify game files. Epic Games Launcher will scan the entire installation of the specific game and tell you if everything is installed or not. If the game is missing any files it will tell you and repair the game itself.

Fix 7 Disable your anti-virus software:

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In some cases, your anti-virus software might be the one to blame. Anti-virus software mostly has all the permissions to change what it feels right. They keep scanning your computer in real time. If the anti-virus software feels that this game might be a potential malware, it will simply block it from running. In most cases, this can only be a false alarm unless you have pirated the game somehow, which you must not have in the first place. Simply disable any kind of anti-virus you have installed on your PC and then try running the game. If your game works when the anti-virus is disabled, then hooray!!! Now simply put your game as an exception and enable your anti-virus software again.

Fix 8 Start Epic online services manually:

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For this, you will have to open windows services settings. you can search for it in the windows search by typing “services” or simply run a command in the run dialogue box by typing in services.msc. once the services window pops up, find epic online services > then right-click and select properties > set startup type to manual > right click on the epic online services and start it again manually. This should mostly fix the issue for you.

Fix 9 Re-install the game:

If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked for you, don’t worry we have one more to go, our last resort, which is to uninstall the game completely and install it back again. As it will be a fresh installation, most of your issues will be solved. Perform this only after you have tried all the other solutions we have told you, as this is a pretty time taking process.


These are some possible fixes when Saints Row 2022 doesn’t start. I hope we have helped you fix the issues you were facing. If we weren’t able to help you fix the issues, we are sorry, we suggest you please head to their official customer support page, here’s the link You can try contacting them and explain your issue there.

We also have an article published about fixing more common errors, glitches, bugs, etc in Saints Row. Be sure to check it out, it will be of help to you, here’s the link

If you have any other issues regarding any other game, PC software related, or any issues at all, please feel free to let us know via our Facebook or Twitter pages. If you have any other feedback, you also reach us at the above-mentioned platforms. We would love to interact with our readers! Happy Gaming!

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