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Fix Xbox one Turns on but won’t Boot up in 2022 (FIXED)

Startup or bootup errors can keep you from being able to use your Xbox One console altogether. These types of errors or issues can include your console not powering up, the connected display showing screen, errors being displayed at startup, or the console not loading past the green startup screens. There are a number of reasons why your Xbox One console isn’t starting or turning on.

The power supply might be faulty or improperly connected. The console could be broken or overheated. Or, the controller simply needs a recharge. In this article we will help you to fix this problem by the following steps:

Method 1: Make sure your Xbox One controller is working

If you are used to turning on your Xbox One using the controller, then you might want to rule out any issues with the peripheral first. Just press the Power button on the console to see if it starts. If your console turns on like normal, then it could mean that the controller might not be working.

Then press the Xbox button on the controller and see if it turns on. If nothing happens, the batteries could be dead, and you’ll need to recharge or replace them.

If the Xbox One still won’t turn on, plug the controller directly into the Xbox and then try pressing the Xbox button again to see if it’s working. If this also doesn’t work then try a different controller.

Method 2: Venting your Xbox One

If you were playing games and the Xbox One shuts down randomly and it’s not turning on again then it might be due to overheating. To fix this issue just try removing any object that may be blocking the vents and not letting air ventilate.

Any obstruction to the ventilation system can disrupt its internal airflow. That means the hot air won’t escape and the console will shut down to prevent the heat buildup from damaging internal components. Your Xbox needs to cool up. So leave it for some time.

You have to make sure that you have placed it somewhere where it’s getting plenty of ventilation. Once you are sure that the console is cooled down, press the power button and see if it turns on.

Method 3: Check your Xbox One’s HDMI cable

In case you notice that your Xbox One has lit up but nothing is coming on the screen, the issue could be in the HDMI cable itself. First, check that you have properly connected the HDMI cable to your Xbox One and TV. If nothing comes on, then try switching the HDMI ports on the Television.

If the Xbox One still doesn’t detect anything on the display, try using another HDMI cable and see if anything shows up on that.

Method 4: Check the power supply on your Xbox One

An unresponsive Xbox One usually involves an issue with the power supply. Make sure that the cable is tightly inserted in the back of the console and that the plug is properly connected to an AC wall outlet.

If everything looks perfect to you then check the outlet itself, either with a digital multimeter or simply by connecting a different electrical device to the outlet, and just see if it works for you.

Method 5: Do a power reset on your Xbox One

Once you find out that your Xbox One is itself the main problem, it’s time to try out a power reset to the system’s internal power supply. To do a power reset, disconnect the power cable from the rear of the console and wait for a few seconds.

Now, reconnect the cable, and then press the Xbox button on the front of the system. If it turns on then you are all set to go. And now to reset the external power supply disconnect all cables from the console, the power itself, and the wall itself.

Wait for ten seconds and then reconnect the power supply to the wall and then the console power supply.


If the above methods don’t work out for you and still you are having problems with your Xbox One’s bootup then you need to reach out to Microsoft for repairs.

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