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Tower of Fantasy All Errors Fix (Error 2618, 7812021 & More)

Tower of Fantasy is an anime-inspired Free to Play(F2P), Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). This game spreads across a large open world, with Anime Science-Fiction vibes. This game has a fluid PvP combat system.

This game is set in an alien world called Aida. Diminishing resources and the extinction of energy have made life on Earth migrate. In search of a power source in their new world, they have discovered a comet known as Mara, it possesses great unknown energy called “Omnium”. To capture the energy they needed from it, from Mara, they built the Omnium Tower. As this new energy was unknown to them, they weren’t cautious, It emitted dangerous Omnium radiation, which caused a great disaster to occur in their new homeland.

This game allows to play with different characters and wield different weapons, allowing to have a different play style, making a different experience for all. Players are supposed to have battles with enemies of different sizes and shapes. Thus players make their own unique fighting styles and weave their own stories. Tower of Fantasy is developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. Tower of Fantasy is available on Windows(PC) which can be downloaded from their official website, Android which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS which can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

As with any other game, Tower of Fantasy also has errors, bugs, performance issues etc. It seems that Tower of Fantasy has had a rough launch. In this article here we will tell you some possible fixes and solutions for the issues that you might be facing with Tower of Fantasy. Before installing the game it is suggested that your PC meets the minimum requirements demanded by the game, this will save you from the troubles you might face later.

Login Failed Fix:

It’s been reported by many users that they are facing an error showing “Login Failed”. This makes the game unplayable as the players can’t get onto the servers at all in the first case. This will ruin anyone’s experience and leave a bad impression on the game in its early days.

The best possible way to fix this error is by completely restarting the game. Not only the game but you’ll also need to restart the game client. After the process is done and logging back into the game should most probably fix the “Login Failed” error.

Login Status Exception:

The “Login Status Exception” is very similar to the problem we tried to fix above. All you can do is restart the game as well as its client. This is just like refreshing your connection with the servers. There’s not much we can do here because this issue is from the server side and not on the player’s side. As this is a new MMORPG, the situation will get better with time.

Tower of Fantasy Error Code 7812021 Fix:

Many users are also reporting this Error code 7812021 issue. This also shows the message Verification of Some Files Failed. This might be a glitch/bug. Here are some possible fixes for Error Code 7812021.

  • Make sure your PC is meeting the minimum requirements demanded by the game.
  • You can try repairing the files. You can do that by clicking “Start Repair” which you can see on the error page that popped up. You can do this multiple times until the issue resolves.
  • Adding QRSL.exe and tof_launcher.exe into DirectX properties. You can do that by Press Windows Key + I > Select Apps >Select Optional Features > Find Graphics Tool. Then perform these steps, Press Windows Key + R > Type excel > Select Edit List > Find Files > QRSL.exe and tof_launcher.exe and select > Under DirectX Properties, make sure Direct3D/DXGI Debug Layer is set to Force On > Select Device Settings > Set Feature Limit to 11_1 > Check the box saying Disable Feature Level Upgrade > Select Apply and click OK to save all the settings > Restart your PC.
  • Also what you can do is to just wait it out until the Tower of Fantasy pushes out an upgrade addressing this issue as they’ll be well aware of the ongoing issue and surely be working to fix it.
  • This can also happen due to bad internet connection, so please troubleshoot your internet connection
  • You can also try re-installing the game if you keep facing the same issue again and again.

This should possibly get rid of the error code Tower of Fantasy Verification of Some Files Failed(7812021).

Tower of Fantasy “Already Logged Into The Game With This Account” Error Fix:

In Tower of Fantasy “Already Logged Into The Game With This Account” is a common issue faced by players. This usually occurs when the current server you are on is completely filled with other players. So all you can do is join a different server which isn’t full or simply wait until the queue gets cleared. It is also helpful joining a green server, you can do that by checking the server status before joining any server.

This will help you avoid any such issues you might face. One more bonus tip if you’re tired of waiting in long lines just to play a round, you can simply change your server region. Yes, some regions are much more active than others, so simply hit and trial any other server region until you find the one that is right for you.

Error 2618 Fix:

This has been the most reported issue by players across the board, the error code 2618. This simply means the server you are in is too crowded to handle with ease. Yes, this game has gathered too many players than expected in the early days, this is a massive boost for the developers of the game but it also led to too many errors and bugs. It seems that the developers of the game weren’t ready for this huge number of players actively participating in the early stages of the launch itself.

The fix for this issue is similar to the one we tried to solve earlier, try joining a different server. If you’re facing trouble with which server to join, use the orbs beside the servers as an indication. The green orb means low population on the server, the orange server means it has a moderate population on the server and the red means that the server is tightly packed. It is suggested that you try to join an orange server or a green server. Try to avoid the red servers at all costs unless you don’t have any other server to join. Doing these will help you avoid Error Code 2618.

The performance or Crashing Issues:

If your game is lagging or if you are facing severe frame drops during the game or if the game is crashing frequently then it means that your PC most probably doesn’t have enough resources to run the game smoothly. You can try Lowering the graphic quality settings. You can also try lowering the resolution. Also, check if any other program is using your resources. You can do that by checking your task manager and closing any other programs that are sucking the juice of your PC in the background.


These are some commonly occurring issues, errors, glitches, bugs, and performance issues in Tower of Fantasy and their possible fixes mentioned by us. I hope you have found solutions for your issues here. If you are facing any other issues or need to raise a complaint, you can try contacting Tower of Fantasy’s support team. Here’s their e-mail id [email protected].

If you have any other issues regarding any other game, PC software related, or any issues at all, please feel free to let us know via our Facebook or Twitter pages. If you have any other feedback, you also reach us at above mentions platforms. We would love to interact with our readers!

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