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Bloodborne First Person Mod (Release Date and more)

BloodBorne is a 2015 PS4 exclusive game developed by FromSoftware Inc. and publishes by Sony Computer Entertainment. In this game, you play as a Hunter where you hunt down various beasts and find the cause of the plague from the blood-borne disease.

This game was originally in a third person mode. The city where the plague spread out is Yharnam. You can customize your character like every other soul like game. It has a strategic combat based system where you use weapons like swords and guns.

Bloodborne has won awards like PlayStation game of the year, Best Original Game at Golden Joystick Awards and Best game design at 12th British Academy Games Awards. It has also been nominated for Game of the Year, Best Role Playing Game at The Game Awards 2015.

Bloodborne First Person Mod

Bloodborne first person mod

Bloodborne first person mod is created by a Modder/YouTuber called Garden Of Eyes. He was inspired by the first person mod for Dark Souls III created by ZullieTheWitch. You can check out her Dark Souls III mod by clicking on this link.

He also said,”Special thanks to Zullie the Witch, who generously walked me through the steps of how she made the mod and finding the different camera offsets on PC, which helped me greatly in implementing a proper approach on PS4 for Bloodborne, which was not exactly an easy task considering how limited PS4 modding tools are compared to PC.”

Gameplay Of this Mod

Features of This Mod

The various features this mod offers are :

  • First Person cam where the body of the player is hidden.
  • A third-Person Shooter cam, which helps in gameplay for gun.
  • Top down camera helps player to look down.
  • Increasing the range of NPC’s to notice the player.

Release Date

As Garden of Eyes said,” It is finally time for Bloodborne to be played as a first person game! This has been one of the most ambitious projects I have worked on, and I am very happy to finally be able to present it to you guys! “

“I will be releasing this mod, as well as the shortcut door mod, very soon! Though, you will be seeing some streamers use it, so look out for that!”

This mod will be released soon when the final touches of the game is done. You can check out the streamers that will be streaming this game on their channels. Some of them tagged were : @ZullieTheWitch @Lobosjrgaming @heyZeustoast @xProdz_ @Distortion_2

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