Hackers are ruining the newest BR title Bloodhunt

bloodhunt hackers ruining the game

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt battle royale has been out for just a week, and hackers are already ruining the game. The game has a serious hacker problem. Many bug cheat sellers are already selling hacks for bloodhunt.

We all know not only bloodhunt but also that nearly all multiplayer games are suffering from cheaters who are constantly ruining everybody’s experience. Blood hunt is still doing better than games like Warzone and PUBG.

It’s been only a week since the early access for the bloodhunt is out, and the game got a cheating problem. The game also has so many bugs, but the game is in early access, so we have to wait for the official release.

bloodhunt hacks cheaters ruining the game

How are cheaters one step ahead of Bloodhunt’s anticheat?

Bloodhunt uses a kernel-based anti-cheat means that it runs whenever your system boots up. It’s a Chinese anti-cheat called TenProtect, and many people have been complaining about it not being secure.

Currently, there are so many bugs and problems with the current anti-cheat in Bloodhunt. Developers have confirmed that they are trying to fix the problems related to the anti-cheat of the game.

Community Response regarding the cheaters in bloodhunt

People have already reported that they are facing so many cheaters in the game. Sometimes there are games where you experience not only but 2-3 hackers.

The game is in early access, so the devs haven’t added the report button or any other system which we can use to report cheaters in bloodhunt, But you can report cheaters in bloodhunt using the guide mentioned,

The official Reddit page of bloodhunt is filled with requests to fix the anti-cheat of bloodhunt and adding at least a report button to the game.

There are hacks like ESP, Aimbot, fly, be invisible, and many other cheats that people complain about. Many communities and hacker forums are already sharing SDKs, source codes, bone ids, and many other things that people can use to make their own hacks.

The devs of Bloodhunt are so dedicated and have assured the community so many times that they will fix everything in the upcoming update. The game is in the early stage so that we can wait for new updates and fixes.

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