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COD Modern Warfare 2 New Leaks Made Fans Worried

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Open test obtaining nearer and nearer, fans are currently very excited than ever. Because the last iteration of recent Warfare took the planet by storm, fans are thirstily awaiting the premium call of Duty title. The promotional material relating to modern Warfare 2 is unreal at the instant, and leakers try their best to keep the publicity alive.

Which leaked news is making fans worried?

Activision’s Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II has been the biggest attraction of the city this year. After all, its community has suffered loads, because the franchise has delayed the video game by years. But now, with Activision asserting a release date for the video game, fans are quite excited about it.

The American conglomerate can unleash the call of Duty modern Warfare II on October twenty-eight, 2022. however as each smart factor is simply too smart to be true, the game’s release may not be a contented moment for everyone. A recent Twitter leak has claimed concerning the video game did not have one among its most well-liked modes at launch.

Popular call Of Duty informant ‘ModernWarzone’, placed out a tweet talking concerning modern Warfare two. It said, “Modern Warfare II can reportedly not embrace multiplayer ranked play at launch.”

The information comes from a leak, TheGhostOfHope, which is well-liked for leaking correct COD data. ModernWarzone continued, “A ranked mode are further post-launch with development will take place by Treyarch.”

I mean, we have a tendency to perceive however our readers would feel when reading this piece of knowledge. After all, the ranked mode is one among the foremost fun elements of the video game because it provides players a platform to showcase their talent. except for that, it conjointly helps them perceive wherever they’re going wrong, as they match up against players at a constant level or higher.

Overall, this is making a lot of COD enthusiasts and gamers unhappy and possibly forcing them to worry about which direction the game is going. Nevertheless, whatever happens, all will be relieved when the game finally launches on October 28, 2022.

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