Crab Game Hacks/ Cheats/ Mods Ruining the Game

Crab Game HacksCheatsMods Ruining the Game

Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game in which you compete in many mini-games modelled on children’s games for the ultimate cash prize until only one person remains to collect it all.

Mini-games are fun to play till you can enjoy the hardship or the hurdles you go thought to collect the victory prize as in crab game. When players start using mods/hacks/cheats in the real game, it becomes unplayable.

What are these hacks/mods/launcher?

Crab Game Hacks Cheats Mods Ruining the Game

Recently, players started using hacks and with these games you can complete all the game modes that are present in the game easily. This makes it difficult for the other players to win and enjoy the game.

If we take the example of glass bridge game, players using hacks can see the glass that will not break when they land on them to cross the bridge and with this way they can easily cross the bridge.

For game modes that require fighting actions, players using hack can easily kill with target lock and one hit kill. This way you will not stand any chance any them and will lose the round eventually.

What can we accept from the developers?

If the developer Dani cared about the game, then he must start protecting the game and punish the cheaters that are causing havoc in the lobby and making other players not able to love the game.

Since the game is free, players will not stop cheating in the game as it does not affect them in any way. So they will do all other things to cheat in the game and make other players playing the game quit.

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a gamer
a gamer
29 days ago

the best way to play it until Dani removes the cheats is to play with freinds

Owen Singh
Owen Singh(@edward)
29 days ago
Reply to  a gamer

That’s true, still, cheaters will always be there even if he adds a better ac cuz it’s a free to play game. We can at least hope it will reduce the cheaters.

Marc Savard
Marc Savard
28 days ago

Dani doesn’t really care about the game it feels like, a bigger game studio will take the idea and make it big with a decent anti cheat and make big money

Owen Singh
Owen Singh(@edward)
27 days ago
Reply to  Marc Savard

That’s true a AAA Company will definitely be better than a single person because they have the resources to add a better anti-cheat and can ban players constantly but a single person can’t handle a game altogether, he has to do everything regarding the game, Yea its likely that Dani doesn’t care about his game like Muck.

But it’s really good to see that he is at least trying to do everything he can as a single developer.

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