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Elden Ring VR MOD News – Release Date, Footage & More

Elden Ring is a phenomenal action role-playing game based on the style of Dark Souls. Though it’s not a part of the Dark Souls franchise, it has been developed and published by the same company.

Elden Ring took the gaming community by the storm since its launch in late February 2022. A lot of streamers who used to main a certain game moved to Elden Ring and even risked the loss of a significant amount of viewer base.

But, what would be better than playing Elden Ring in the third person? Playing the game in VR in the first person. Yes, we’re not getting your hopes up high for anything. An Elden Ring VR Mod is under development and is actually in its end phases, and that’s what this article will talk about.

Elden Ring VR Mod

Elden Ring VR Mod
Elden Ring VR Mod

Courtesy of LukeRoss, who is famous for his VR mods for third-person games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, there is currently an Elden Ring VR Mod under development.

And not just under development, it’s actually pretty close to being finished. Luke has announced that he is planning to release this mod at the end of April 2022, which is already right at the doorstep since it’s April 25 at the time we’re writing this article already.

Luke said that the Mod wouldn’t be fully finished on its release, but he will finish it slowly after that. People can already start enjoying the mods and report the bugs so they can be fixed momentarily as well.

While this mod will feature a VR for third-person perspective as well, the developer recommends playing it in the first person because the difference between the screen and the character is huge in the third person which makes the VR act weird.

Apart from the amazing announcement of the release date for the mod, which has already made fans extremely excited about the mod, Luke has also shared exclusive footage which can be seen below.

Elden Ring VR Mod Exclusive footage

That will do for this article on Elden Ring VR Mod. It has got all of us really hyped to try out this mod and we look forward to its release.

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