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How to find Fortnite Carnage & Venom Symbiote in Season 8

Have you heard about the new Mythic Weapons that has been added to Fortnite Season 8. The Eight season of Fortnite has come with unexpected lots of new addons in the game which are quite interesting to see.

The Latest Features added in Fortnite are the new Mythic weapons- Carnage and Venom Symobiote which are very unique weapons with special powers that you can use.

Further more about these symbiotes, Features, and their locations which are explained in this post.

What are Fortnite Symbiotes?

Fortnite Symbiotes are the new Mythic Weapons, the items that are considered to be totally unique in its features, and comes with abilities.

Having these Symbiotes in game, will gives you powers to grab the enemy towards you, and attack with 60 damage in total. It also increases the Player speed a little bit which is amazing to see these in fortnite.

1) Carnage Symbiotes

The Carnage symbiote looks like dark red in color, which looks really cool when using. It will be used to grab and kill the enemies giving them straight 60 damage, which is enough then after you can kill with a shotgun.

2) Venom Symbiotes

The Venom symbiote looks like a white colored with glowing skin, gives damage of 60, having cooldown of 10 seconds, which is quite same as the carnage one.

How to Find these Symbiotes

The main question is how can we find these both Fortnite Symbiotes, well finding these may not be easy but it is highly possible. You can get these Symbiotes locations easily on the Map when the storm moves in.

If you see the map, you will find these two marked locations which are the Carnage and the other one is Venom Symbiote. But remember that, the location is not fixed, it can be anywhere. Also there will not be any bosses to get these, you just go there and open the chest crate.

Do same for the Venom one also, Open the Map, Mark the Place where it is located, go there then Simply extract the container with X key.

Can we carry both Carnage & Venom Symbiote at a time?

No, you cannot carry both of the Symbiotes at a time, for some reasons. This feature is sadly not added by the Epic games, so you might have to make your own choice regarding choosing any one from the both.

If you really want to try the both Carnage and Venom Symbiote in one game, make sure you use one at a time and mark the other one for later, so that you can try both one by one.

What can you do with these Symbiotes

You can use these symbiotes for various purposes in the match, the main use of these are to grab the people and giving them damage, further you can do many different things with these that are –

Grab & Kill with Shotgun

One way to get easy kills is to grab the enemy from certain distance which will give him 60 damage , and then suddenly switch to shotgun and do one shot which will end that enemy quickly.

Grab Animals for meat –

You can also grab some animal from far distance, which will instantly kill them and you will get the meat for you.

Grab the NPC’s to talk –

One another interesting use of these symbiotes is to grab the NPC’s from distance so, that you just don’t need to go near to talk.

Grab the Enemies through walls –

This is the most unique and useful feature of Carnage & Venom symbiote that you can easily grab the enemies behind the walls. You just need to know the enemy’s location and then simply grab it.

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