GTA San Andreas VR on Oculus Quest 2 is Under Progress

gta san andreas oculus quest 2

There is great news for both GTA as well as VR Headset fans, The very first news about the Oculus Quest 2 here we got is, about the Open World Rockstar Presents: GTA San Andreas which is going to release on the VR.

The Oculus Quest 2 is really impressive in terms of great experience in the VR, as it already consists of lots of other great games such as – Beat sabre, Half-Life: Alyx, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and even more.

So, Soon players will be able to play San Andreas on a different level, with The classy Look of the game, free roam on the streets, bars, much more fun stuff that will be amazing on a VR headset.

In a Recent Connect Event, Mark Zuckerburg revealed by himself about Sand Andreas coming to Oculus Quest 2 Headset, also the Official Quest 2 Blog, which made it more clear about this.

Oculus Official Tweet via Twitter

GTA San Andreas Project Oculus Quest 2 via Connect Event

San Andreas Oculus Quest 2 Release Date?

In Facebook’s Connect Event, There was no disclosure of any release date or anything related to it, so it is tough to guess when GTA San Andreas will going to release
on the Oculus Quest 2,

So, there is no Official Release Date for San Andreas on Quest 2 currently, it may take a year or more than that, as it is still in progress, no dates can be predicted for now.

GTA San Andreas is one of the best Free Play, Open World games that mostly everyone played in childhood, so it is great for the GTA fans, they can finally see San Andreas on a VR headset.

For now, there is no more information about these, you may wait for more about San Andreas on Oculus Quest 2 Release Date, which is still not being announced yet.

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