GTA Trilogy is likely to get a fan made Multiplayer: SAMP 2.0

samp is coming for gta trilogy remaster

GTA Trilogy is finally here, and it clears everyone’s concerns regarding rockstar adding official multiplayer support for GTA San Andreas Remastered. The new game is entirely single-player with enhanced graphics and new gameplay mechanics.

While there are still many speculations and desires among the community, GTA SA fans are constantly asking for SAMP 2.0 or SAMP Remake for GTA Trilogy as the unofficial multiplayer for GTA SA was highly popular.

GTA Trilogy Multiplayer SAMP Remake?

So the main question arises, “Will SAMP ever get a port of GTA Trilogy San Andreas?” The answer is “yes” there are many developers are trying hard to make a Multiplayer version of GTA Trilogy for San Andreas Remastered.

The new SAMP 2.0 Multiplayer is in development, but a whole different team than before is making it, and it’s in relatively early development stages. The Project is called “SADE-MP,” which is also known as San Andreas Definitive Edition Multiplayer.

GTA SA-DE MP Developers Interview (SA Remastered Multiplayer)

I have talked with one of the developers, “avveka” on Discord. He has been friendly and supportive and spoke about the development of the multiplayer with great passion. You can check the interview transcript written below.

[Q1] Future Gaming: We want to ask if this Project is real and serious about going forward in making a perfect version of SAMP for the trilogy or so-called Definitive Edition?

[A1] Avveka: Yes, We just Started planning and developing the “SADE-MP” two days ago. We are researching the game files and brainstorming ideas with the team. We are using c#, js for scripting.

[Q2] Future Gaming: How much time do you think the development of SADE-MP will take?

[A2] Avveka: We can’t estimate it, maybe we can tell you in a week, but we are working hard to provide you with the multiplayer experience you need.

[Q3] Future Gaming: How are you guys planning on expanding the player base, server issues, and the responsibilities that come with the popularity?

[A3] Avveka: One of our devs has a lot of reach via social networks. We are not focusing on media outreach at the moment. Instead, we are focusing on the development of the Project. Also, we handle server issues by ourselves, and we plan to expand it as soon as the project goes live.

[Q4] Future Gaming: Will Pawno coded servers from old SAMP be able to run on your SADE-MP?

[A4] Avveka: We dont think that’s possible, but we have that in mind, and maybe we will try to add something in the future.

Will this San Andreas Remastered Multiplayer stay alive like the SAMP?

That’s too early to answer because a few people are working on the project for now. If you are a developer and want to support the Project and the excellent title GTA Trilogy, I suggest you to join their discord server and help the developers.

Where can I follow the SADE-MP Project?

You can follow the current development of the SADE-MP 2.0 Project by using the following links mentioned below.

I will suggest you visit their discord server, chat with the admins and developers of the project, give them your ideas and suggestions and what you need in the new GTA SA Multiplayer. They will be love to have you.

Thanks for reading the article. I am so excited for the upcoming SADE-MP Project because I would love to play the good old SAMP Servers on the new and enhanced GTA San Andreas. I hope you all have a nice day.

    1. I mean yes there are so many things that a development team needs to understand before taking on a big project like SAMP, I mean yea the devs of samp-de haven’t added a roadmap and other stuff regarding the development. Which they will probably do in future.

      But we can still hope for the best, Also if you are the real Kalcor let me tell you I have a mad respect for you! SAMP was my childhood.

    2. why isn’t the samp team doing it or anybody else professional? Nobody announced nothing. So please tell me who is going to do it right?

      1. Because the samp team abandoned the project a long time ago, but someone else is doing the project for San Andreas DE. It’s a small team. They have already started the beta stage.

  1. Sa-mp Closed Becouse criminals started using it like Anom app

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