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How to get free emotes in Free Fire September 2021: Simple and Easy

Emotes are the best way to celebrate your victory or troll your opponent. One can use a total of six emotes before entering the game. But these emote require diamond currency or the in-game currency.

For the players who do not want to spend money on buying the emotes. In this guide we will talk about much easier way through which you can get these emote for free without spending any penny from your pocket.

BOOYAH! Free Reward Event

You can find an event running on the BOOYAH! Application where you have to watch a stream for 30 minutes by sign in or creating an account on that application in order to free rewards.

The LOL Emote, Groza Booyah skin, and other items are among the prizes gamers can obtain through the event. Remember the account you create on the application must be a new account.

Amazon Prime Free Fire Rewards

free fire amazon prime gaming

Amazon Prime gaming offers rewards for different games. Similarly, you can find free fire reward that consists of characters, costume bundles, emotes, vouchers, etc. Currently, Wiggle Walk emote is free on Amazon Prime.

You can get this rewards by first signing in to your Amazon Pay account and linking this account with your free fire account. Upon linking you can easily get the skin. Users can collect this between September 16 and September 29.

Redeem codes

Free Fire offers several redeem codes every day. With these redeem codes you can easily get different types of items ranging from emotes, weapon loot crates, gun skins to cosmetics. This code consists of 12 digits and is activated through its website.

In order to activate these codes head over to the Free Fire redemption site and paste your code in the box after logging in your account. After this the reward will be sent to your account. This may take some time.

Special Airdrops

free fire special drop

These airdrops also a way through which you can get emotes for free. When you play five matches you get this special drop which can contains several free items including the emotes you have been looking for.

There are forty different types of special airdrops in Free Fire. So it’s just random on which type of drop you land upon and what type of item you get is also a random probability of getting a higher class item.

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