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Indus Battle Royale: Everything We Know (Release Date & More)

Indus is an Indo-Futuristic Battle Royale Game from SuperGaming. SuperGaming is known for its previous titles such as Silly Royale, MaskGun, Tower Conquest, and Bored. A game made in India, which is a rare thing, Indus Battle Royale is based on the Indus Valley Civilisation in the year 2500. It is a fictional setting of the Valley if it still existed, and what the country of India can be like in the future.

Releasing for PC, Consoles, Android, and iOS, this multi-platform game is going to be a tough competitor to the likes of Fortnite, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), Garena Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile. In this article, we will discuss about the Release Date, Gameplay Footage, and everything we know about the Indus Battle Royale.

Indus battle royale

Indus Battle Royale Official Trailer

Released just a few days ago, the recent Official Trailer of Indus has crossed over 1.2 Million Views on YouTube. It is a huge stride in the Indian Gaming Scene. We are proud of SuperGaming and wholeheartedly wish for the success of this title.

Indus Battle Royale Release Date

According to the official website, the game is set to be released in 2022. It is September already, and there is no official Release Date announcement. We speculate that the game will release in Late 2022 or Early 2023.

Indus Battle Royale Requirements

The game is being built using the Unity Game Engine. It would require a mainstream Android or iOS device. The requirement of Mask Gun, one of their FPS games, is a minimum of Android 4.4. As it is a recent title, most probably it would require at least 4 gigabytes of RAM for Mobile Platforms. For PC and Consoles, it would not require something like an RTX.

Indus Battle Royale Gameplay

Here is one video of the gun “Judgement” and a little sneak peek of their Gameplay. The game is being regularly showcased on the social media platforms of SuperGaming. You can visit their YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter Page for any Updates and Gameplay Footage.

Indus Battle Royale Lore and Storyline


According to the Official Blog of Indus:

  • “The game has you in the role of a Mythwalker. You’re a hired gun working for COVEN, an intergalactic syndicate that discovered an ancient yet scientifically advanced world called Indus.”
  • “The planet of Indus is a mystery to most spacefaring civilisations. It’s a collection of untouched, unexplored, and ever-changing islands.”
  • “Faint whispers of Indus’ limitless Cosmium — a life-changing natural wealth have drawn the attention of COVEN, looking to harvest it for material gain.”
  • “All the action in Indus takes place on an ever-changing island map called Virlok”.

This was the latest update and information regarding Indus Battle Royale from SuperGaming, an Indian Game Studio. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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