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Everything To Know About Jio’s New JioGamesCloud Gaming India

Jio first Talked about its cloud gaming platform a few years back, when asked what to expect from jio in terms of its in the gaming field. Finally, now Jio has launched its cloud gaming platform, JioGamesCloud, which is now in Beta version and free for early access. JioGamesCloud has games ranging from AAA Titles to Hyper Casual Games.

img JioGamesCloud


  1. Ultra-casual to multi-genre AAA titles are available.
  2. Gaming experience for all ages.
  3. Subscription model to play games on multiple devices like smartphones, PC, TV, etc.
  4. Click and start playing, no installations are required.


1. What is JioGamesCloud?

JioGamesCloud is a gaming platform where anyone can play high-end games in higher resolutions without hassle. Since the games are hosted on Jio’s servers, your only requirement is a good internet connection. Games are available to play instantly without the need for any downloads, installations, or updates.

2. How do I start playing?

  • To play on a computer, You need to have a Keyboard+Mouse or a controller (USB/Bluetooth).
  • To play on your Android Phone, you need to install the JioGames app from the Play Store.
  • To play on your Television, you need to have a gaming controller connected to your Jio Set-Top-Box.

3. How much does it cost?

JioGamesCloud will have a subscription model, although subscription plans are not yet released. Currently, it is in its beta version and free. You can register yourself to get early access.

4. Internet speed for stable gaming?

Jio claims a stable 20Mbps wired/wireless connection would be adequate for smooth gameplay. For wireless, a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection is recommended. Works best on Google Chrome.

5. How to create an account?

  1. You’ll have to enter your phone number and confirm it with an OTP that’ll be sent to the number provided.
  2. Select any game and click play now.
  3. Fill in your details in the early access window and SignUp for early access. Tt will take 5 mins to get you whitelisted and you can start playing after 5 mins.
  4. For playing on Android, you’ll just have to download the JioGames app and follow the steps listed above.

Games available on the JioGamesCloud

Currently, there are more than 50 games available across various categories on the platform. You can register yourself and start playing. Some of the available games are listed below.

  • Shadow Tactics
  • Syberia 3
  • Steel rats
  • Robinhood Country heroes
  • Saints row IV
  • The Uncertain: Light at the end

And many more games are available on the platform.

JioGamesCloud Games
JioGamesCloud Games
Games available on JioGamesCloud

Although Microsoft and Nvidia already had cloud gaming services running, there are no prominent names in India in the cloud gaming field. We can expect Nvidia to display its game library through JioGames.

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