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Lies Of P All Bosses Shown In The Gameplay Trailer

Lies of P released a new gameplay trailer a few days back showcasing the upcoming game’s combat mechanics and some bosses the players will have to face in the game.

Lies of P is the new upcoming game which will feature dark-souls-like gameplay. The setting of the game is grim and full of dark-themed elements, which will be a treat for all the dark-souls fans out there as well as the fans of this gothic genre of games.

Lies of p 1

What do we get to know from the trailer?

In the 4-minute trailer, we get to know a little bit about the world of the game and see a bit of the city of Krat, where the game takes place. We can see that humanity has almost disappeared and ghoulish beasts are all over the city. Only a few humans remain, and we can see that they are infected by some kind of virus or abomination.

We get to see combat action in the trailer and also the different equipment that could be used with the mechanised arm of our protagonist, the hot Pinnochio. We can see a grappling hook and a grenade launcher-type equipment that was fired. We see a couple of bosses and the trailer ends with a group of thug-like characters wearing masks who appear to be hunters hunting for Pinnochio.

What are the bosses like in the gameplay trailer?

There were a few bosses who were shown in the gameplay trailer, and they looked terrifying. To me, at least, they were! There was a bearded man who appeared to be human and a local of the city with a possible former prestigious position in the city of Krat.

Then there were huge mechanised robots like bosses who looked like they would one-shot you instantly. Then there was a big robot boss with a human mask for a face who seemed like he would be an annoying boss to play against.

Lies of P bosses
Image Credit: GameSpot

At the end of the trailer, we can see a group of people with around four members, all sporting bunny masks. The masks were not your cute bunny masks, but more so like the goth version of bunny masks, all black and evil looking. They were probably the hunters as they carried a coffin with them and, inside the coffin, it was written, “Liar”. This being a Pinnochio story, it is obvious who the liar is. So it seemed like they were the hunters who will be hunting us when we play as Pinnochio and we have to deal with them from time to time.

Overall the trailer got me hyped up to play the game. You can find the trailer below and look for yourself. For the more latest news, guides, tips and tricks related to games and technology don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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