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Pokemon Unite the First “Halloween Festival Event” Announced

pokemon unite halloween event

Pokemon Unite has just announced the first-ever event which is called the “Halloween Festival Event” and prepared for the release.

In this article, we will be going to share all the details related to this Pokemon Unite new event, when it will be releasing, and the time for release.

Pokemon Unite is Free to Play, MOBA Styled (Multiplayer online battle arena), a video game for Mobile devices, featuring 5v5 team battles, where you need to win by making goals with your selected pokemon.

Pokemon Unite New Events

The New and the latest event which is going to release is the “Halloween Festival Event”. This is the first-ever releasing event, none other event is released before in the Pokemon Unite events history.

As the First Event in Pokemon Unite, so you can already wonder this is going to be a massive event. So Pokemon unite game fans be ready for this event so that you can get all the benefits from it.

Pokemon Unite “Halloween Festival Event”

The First-Ever Pokemon Unite Event is now announced and ready to be released. The event is based on the Halloween theme completely. Players can get many in-game rewards, gifts, out of this event just by following the event.

The Event comes with many different changes, which is discussed below. But in short, you will get lots of Halloween related changes in pokemon as well as the map.

Halloween Event Release Date & Time

The Halloween Event for Pokemon unite is ready and prepared to release on the 20th of October, this week.

  • Release Date : 20 October 2021, Wednesday

But Unfortunately, there is no exact release time for the event released. Make sure to bookmark and check the post later, it will be posted when the release time gets confirmed.

What’s new in the Halloween Event

New Pokemon “Greedent”

pokemon unite greedent

The New Event comes with the greatest change in the game which is the brand new pokemon. The New Pokemon which is named Greedent is coming up with this release along with Halloween.

The Greedent is adding up in this eight-generation, as an evolution of Skwovet. It is a squirrel looking pokemon which is a normal pokemon with basic powers.

However, there are only a few details of this pokemon as we know from the official trailer. The Pokemon comes with great health power but with the least speed power.

EvolutionSkwovet -> Greedent
Ability (Max)HP
Ability (Min)Speed

Halloween Cosmetics

pokemon unite halloween cosmetics

As the Theme is based on Halloween, so there is going to be Cosmetics all related to Halloween which is for both Players and the Pokemons.

The Players will be getting new cosmetics which are –

  • Candy bag (Halloween)
  • Pikachu Mask (Halloween)
  • Pointed Hat (Halloween)

Also, there is going to be Halloween related Trainer Cosmetics, stickers, background, and frames. These Holowearsfor Pokemons are very unique and come with combinations, which are –

  • Bonfire style – Slowbro
  • Firefighter – Blastoise
  • Space style – Eldegoss

Map & Game Changes

pokemon unite halloween map

Along with all the Cosmetics and New pokemon, there is also some map changes which is again Halloween related map with some minor changes to match up the theme.

There will be some Halloween themed items, addons such as – Carved Pumpkins and Festive Lights on the map which makes it more interesting to explore.

There is also is some new Halloween themed game or a game mode, where the opponents can turn into zombies or other Halloween game which is still not clear.

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