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Splatoon 3 Current Situation: Cheaters/Hackers Ruining Game?

Splatoon 3 is yet to be released, but Nintendo is holding no punches back as it is banning cheaters, hackers, and modders before the game is even released! The company has managed to get a hold of some rule breakers and give them the hammer of the permanent ban.

The game features online multiplayer modes as well as a story-driven single-player mode. It was announced via Nintendo Direct on 17 February 2021 and the details regarding the co-op mode were shared by the company on 9 February 2022.

This article will cover the current situation of the game with the hackers, cheaters and modders who are being suspected to ruin the game before the game is even released.

Splatoon 3- Current Situation

Like every company, Nintendo also has its own shooter series-Splatoon and Splatoon 3 is the latest instalment in the series, coming out on September 9, 2022. As the name suggests, it is the third instalment in the series, and it follows in the footsteps of its predecessors.

Nintendo released a small time-limited demo for those players who were eager to play the third instalment in the series, giving the players the opportunity to get a feel for the game. Some people were not satisfied with only this small time-gated demo, so they modded the game as per their wishes to allow the players to skip the tutorial and get into the practice range of the game to get a little more action juice from the demo.

Splatoon 3 hacker ruing the game

Nintendo, on the other hand, didn’t take this mischievous behaviour very kindly. They started to ban the Nintendo Switch consoles of the players who used this mod. It is speculated that the ban is from the Nintendo Switch online, but this is not confirmed as of yet. The banned players will likely be unable to play the full game when it releases this month.

Splatoon 3- Are Hackers ruining the game?

The answer to this question is “No.” The hackers are not ruining the game. The game is yet to be released, and an unreleased game cannot be ruined by hackers. The bigger question is “will the hackers ruin the game?”

The answer to this question will be found only when the game is released, but with the display of strict action by Nintendo in this modded demo case, it gives a positive reply to the fans of the franchise.

They can expect Nintendo to smash these hackers with the ban hammer when they appear. Nintendo has been pretty strict with hackers in the past as well with Splatoon 2. So it’s safe to assume that hackers won’t be an issue here in Splatoon 3.

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