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Splitgate | How to redeem Xbox Game Pass Skin for free

Splitgate is giving away a free Xtreme Bundle Skin Pack to all the players who own an Xbox. If you are one of those players, you are in luck.

As discussed in the previous article, splitgate had already done a tie-up with Intel, Microsoft back in 2019 when the game was officially released. Back then, they were giving away skins for free in splitgate.

The developer and marketing team of splitgate are pushing their limits to make the game better and enjoyable for everyone. It has been confirmed that the game is about to release for Android and Nintendo devices as well.

Splitgate Xtreme Bundle Pack for free 2021

If you are one of the Xbox users, then you are really gonna love the fact that you are getting a free epic splitgate skin. This skin bundle is available for a limited time, so I suggest everyone claim it before November 15.

Splitgate Free Skins Bundle Includes

  • Pistol Skin
  • Carbine Skin
  • Battle Rifle Skin
  • Character Skin
  • Player Banner

The skins look absolutely gorgeous and well designed. I am thrilled with the design team that focuses on making such high-quality epic skins in splitgate. This free bundle is basically all green and give it a shiny look.

You can absolutely flex these skins among your friends, and I have been doing the same. This game is absolutely amazing. I have been playing the game constantly and trying to be better at splitgate.

How to Claim free Xbox Skin Pack in Splitgate Guide

splitgate redeem free bundle xbox
Free Splitgate Skins

To claim the free Xbox Skin pack, you need to be on an Xbox device. We are really sorry to say that for now, this pack can only be redeemed by the players who are on Xbox. If you are on PC, stay till the end. We have a treat for you.

Redeem your free Xbox Xtreme Bundle in Splitgate

  1. All you have to do is log in to your Xbox account. If you already have an Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Subscription then you can directly redeem the code.
  2. If you don’t have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate then you can get trial for just 1$. Its so cheap for everyone to claim.
  3. After you have logined to your account select the perks section.
  4. Now you will see Splitgate Xtreme Pack listen in the perks.
  5. Simply Click Redeem and you will get your code.
You can also watch the video for the information.

How to claim splitgate free Xbox skin bundle on PC?

Sadly, this bundle came out only for Xbox users, but you can still redeem the code if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, But you cannot redeem the code in-game.

As the Skin Pack is only meant for Xbox users only, But here’s a theory the devs have created an Xbox only bundle for free, then there is a possibility that PC users will also get a special bundle for free PC only.

You can still claim the Xbox Xtreme Bundle on PC but can’t use the code on PC. I suggest you give this code to someone who really wants this bundle and has an Xbox lying around.

Why PC users can’t claim this Xbox Xtreme Bundle on PC?

It’s because, for now, there is no cross-progression in splitgate. The devs mostly focus on improving the splitgate server capacity and decreasing splitgate queues, So more players can enjoy the game for free.

PC users don’t lose hope. If you also want free skins in splitgate, then we have a guide ready that can help you get so many great skins for free.

Suppose you are struggling in splitgate and wait to improve your aim and gameplay skills. Then we have a splitgate tips and tricks detailed article ready for you.

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