Reason Why TimTheTatman Leaves Twitch for Youtube Gaming

tim is leaving tiwtch

Everyone heard of TimtheTatman. Tim is one of the biggest gaming content creators on Twitch as well as youtube. Tim was an exclusive streamer on twitch for a long, long time.

TimTheTatman recently announced that he would be leaving Twitch forever and start streaming on Youtube Gaming instead. He released a video on September 1 stating that he will be leaving twitch and streaming on Youtube.

Tim is very active on Youtube and posts regular content on the platform. He has about 3.8 million subscribers on Youtube alone and 7 million followers on Twitch.

Why Timthetatman is leaving Twitch?

Tim has not clearly stated why he is leaving twitch forever and start streaming on youtube, but several rumors have been going around the internet. We will cover all of the rumors and discuss which one is more suitable.

1. Dr. Disrespect is suing Twitch

Dr. Disrepsect got banned from Twitch without any reason, and It was hurtful for Doc and his fans. But Doctor being a champion, started streaming on Youtube Gaming.

The doctor decided to sue twitch because the company never gave him the reason for the ban. He said, “This twitch ban is hurting his brand name” this could be the reason why time is leaving twitch because Doc and Tim are excellent friends in general.

They cannot play together because Dr. Disrespect got banned on twitch, and now time cannot play with him on stream.

2. Youtube gave a better offer to Tim

This could be because we all know that you can earn a lot of money via Adsense from youtube. Tim constantly uploads on youtube, and his content is so good that the amount of views he gets on his videos is breathtaking.

Therefore youtube signed timthetatman to join youtube gaming for a fair amount of contract. Maybe that’s why time decided to join Youtube.

3. Twitch Policies regarding account bans.

We all know that twitch policies are and somewhat unfair when it comes to creators. Most of the streamers get ban just for smashing their keyboard and mouse while streaming.

Twitch moderation is stringent and designed specifically by Twitch to ensure maximum security for everyone, but this also comes at a price.

So, to prevent what happened with Doc, time might have decided to leave twitch too, because of the serious and strict guidelines.

4. Youtube is bigger and better than Twitch

Tim confirmed that he switched to youtube gaming because of better discoverability and a huge audience. Tim said that people recognize him as a Youtuber rather than a twitch streamer, So he decided to switch.

We all know youtube is a better and more health platform than many other platforms out there. Google is one of the brands helping people connect on an enormous and safe scale.

What do you think could be the reason why timthetatman left youtube? Let us know in the comments below.

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