How to unlock Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan in NBA 2K22

deandre jordan nba 2k22 unlock

2K Sports has added a newly enhanced objective system called Lifetime Rewards. These objectives are a new addition to the game, and fans have been thrilled to see something new.

You can unlock and earn these rewards at any time in the game because these objectives are not bound by any season, so you can complete them in any season you like. If you want to unlock DeAndre Jordan in NBA 2K22 easily, read the guide until the end.

How to unlock Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan

If you want to unlock Jordan into your squad, you need to complete nine different objectives in the game. So follow the objectives given below so you can unlock the Jordan skin easily:

Please Note: You need to complete some of the objectives before unlocking the Jordan skin because you can’t continue to the following objectives.

  1. Try to Get five rebounds in one single game with Clippers players (You will receive: Sapphire Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan).
  2. Simply make 10 dunks with DeAndre Jordan Triple Threat games (You will receive: Slasher Badge Pack).
  3. In multiple given games you need to get nine blocks with any DeAndre Jordan.(You will receive: Rim Protector Badge Pack).
  4. Get Two Blocks in single game and then Score 20 points. (You will receive: Amethyst Lifetime Reward DeAndre Jordan).
  5. Using five maverick players win a game (You will receive: 750 MT).
  6. In Multiplayer Games make 76 Dunks (You will receive: Dunktober Deluxe Award Pack).
  7. Three Triple Threat Wins in Offline game (You will receive: 750 MT).
  8. In any Multiplayer game Score 30 points with DeAndre Jordan (You will receive: Five Tokes).
  9. Over multiple games get 27 rebounds with Amethyst Lifetime Reward (You will receive: Badge Award Pack).

These objectives are straightforward to complete. There is no need to win every game. You have to focus on your objectives and unlock the Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan.

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