Valorant 3.07 Patch Notes Leaks – Skins, Hide Profiles, More

valorant 3 0 7 leaks

Valorant 3.07 New Update is on the way, as we got some leaks about Latest 3.07 patches that will be coming soon as a somewhat medium level update, that will be very interesting to see.

This new valorant Patch Update has many great, useful changes and addons that everyone will surely like it, and praise Riot for adding them. Many of us were waiting for the Level hiding trick in valorant, and here we have this in this Patch.

Leaks & Release Date of Valorant 3.07 Patch

As we got some leak news about 3.07 Update, this Update is kind of a game changer update, which has some amazing things that we are going to provide it here.

As you can see the Above Tweet, There will be some unique changes like Hiding your Levels in competitive and other matches, Changed Agent Tabs, Added Kill Counter, some minor skins Upgrades and Fracture Fixes

Talking about Release date of Valorant 3.07 Patch, There are No official Release date for this, but as we believe it should come around Mid of October, which is only a guess its all depends upon Riot developers, how fast they can make it possible.

Whats new in Valorant 3.07 Patch?

1) Hidden Profiles

valorant level hide

This Accounts or Level Hiding Update is the best Feature that many of the Valorant Players were waiting to come in future updates.

This Feature has its own advantages and Disadvantages, This feature was helpful for some players, Many Players who keeps judging others on the basis of their levels and bully them, now they can easily hide their levels for good.

Also, There are some cons that we have to know, Smurfs have this most advantage, they can easily come with new id’s, and no one can recognize their levels.

2) Changed Agent Tabs

valorant new agent tabs

There is a second change, which has not use in the matches, but for looks and performance it is quite good. Here you have Changed agent looks, which was the same since the beta.

So, it is a big change in the in-game looks, where you will see Player look changes with some 3D implementation in their image characters, which looks amazing.

3) Kill Counter

valorant kill counter
Screenshot of CS:GO

Now, This Feature is generally very much useful, and comes straight from the CSGO Feature, where you can upgrade your Weapons easily. This Feature is going to be very much handy for the skin lovers and for the ones who want to upgrade guns.

This Kill Counter feature will allow the Players to track the kills with every individual weapons that they want to upgrade. You can have VFX for skins or Randomizer of recon skins, said by RIOT.

4) Fixed Fracture Map

valorant fracture bug fix

As you know, Fracture is the most broken map in the game since release, so after removing this map from competitive, Riot has been working on this map bugs and glitches.

Now, After Fixing the most bugs in Fracture it is now available to download in the next update. The biggest bug of the Fracture was the Spike spawn in underneath location, so this is what we are going to see in the next Update.

5) Skin Upgrades

valorant volume 2 skins
Riot Games

Talking about the Skins is Valorant Patch 3.07, There has been new Skin Bundles adding to valorant, which is called Volume 2 Bundle, which is quite descent to look. However this one is not included in Patch notes, but this is confirmed in next update.

Further Prices of Skins are shown below –

  • Gun Skin – 1775VP Each
  • Melee – 3550VP
  • Gun Buddys – 475VP Each
  • Playercards – 375VP Each
  • Sprays – 325VP Each

These Upcoming Valorant Updates are useful for some, also on the other case many are going to hate this patch, the main reason for hating this patch is the Hiding levels Feature, that triggered most of the Players right there, but RIOT knows it better, all other Features that we are going to see are quite interesting.

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