Adopt Me Trading Values – Is it Good or not?

Have you ever been interested in collecting multiple cards like Slam Attack or the Pokemon Cards? If you have, then we’re sure you are aware of how the trading mechanic works with these. When you’re into card collection, you have to accept the fact that you will get a lot of repeated cards and you will never get the card you want the most. Unless you’re either really lucky or you trade.

Similarly, Roblox Adopt Me lets you collect a huge amount of pets(over 100) that you can then trade with other people to get the pet that you want. It is a massive game currently rocking over 5 Million likes on Roblox. With a trading game this big, the Adopt me Trading Value becomes really important. This article will tell you how the game makes sure the trades are safe and not one-sided, and also how you can ensure that you don’t get scammed.

What is Adopt Me Trading Value

In Adopt Me, you can trade one pet for another, or multiple pets for one or more pets in return. With the amount of variety and possibilities in the trade of the game, there are always bound to be ups and downs. Trading Value is what decides if the trade was in your favor or not. It can either be a fair trade which is good for both sides, or it can be one-sided where either you or the other person benefits a lot more.

Every pet in the game has an Adopt Me Trading Value attached to it. It’s basically like a ranking system where some pets are over the others. This doesn’t apply only to pets. You can trade about everything in Adopt Me and every item has its value. To check out the current value list, you can head over to AdoptMeTradingValues website. This is updated regularly.

At the time this article is written, the pet that has the most Adopt Me Trading Value is the Shadow Dragon. The reason for this is because this was a limited-time pet available to buy with Robux only during Halloween 2019. The item that has the most trading value in the game overall is a gift called Rainbow Rattle.

Precautions for Fair Trade in the game

Since the trade is the main part of Adopt Me, the developers themselves have put some precautions in place to ensure that nobody gets completely scammed. While trades can still be one-sided and bad for you, here are the precautions that the game has to prevent that to an extent:

  • There is a timer that starts ticking every time you put a new item in the trade offer while trading with someone. If you are getting into a trade that is extremely unfair for you, which means that the Adopt Me Trading Value is very low for you, the game gives you a warning and an extra 15 seconds to reconsider your trade.
  • Apart from this, you need to pass a certain test where you need to determine if the trades shown to you are a scam or not to get the Adopt Me trade license which allows you to trade Legendary items.

But, even with all these precautions, Adopt Me Trading Value can be hard to grasp and figure out for a lot of people so we’ll mention an easy way to figure out if your trade is worth it or not.

Adopt Me Trading Value – Ensure Fair Trade

Compare Adopt Me Trading Value

For this, we will be using the same website that we mentioned before. Follow these easy steps before you approve any trade in-game to make sure you’re not at a loss.

  • Once you’re in-game and have a trade that you want to check, head over to the trade checker of Adopt Me Trading Values website. You can click on the link provided or head over to the site and click on W/F/L button at the top.
  • Simply put the item that the other person is offering on the right side and the item that you’re willing to offer on the left. Once this is done, the website will show a bar that will either stay near the middle or go on one of the sides.
  • If the bar is heavily on the side of the other person’s trade commodities, then it means the trade is very unfair for you and you probably shouldn’t accept it unless you really want what they’re offering.

That is all for Adopt Me Trading Values. Hope this article was helpful.

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