All 12 Obey Me characters – Lucifer, Mammon & More Ranked

Obey Me! is an otome game that is based around role-playing and dating many different characters that the game features. If you’re a fan of Otome games, you’ve probably heard of this one.

In this game, you date demons, angels, and humans. They’re a part of your everyday life and you can make many different choices while dating them. While some Otome games take this concept to extremes, this one is fairly laid back and safe.

When there are multiple characters to date in a game, there has to be a ranking right? In this article, we will rank all the Obey Me! characters so you can possibly decide who you want to date when you play the game. Brace yourself because this game is filled with hotness. Let’s get right into the rankings.

Obey Me Characters Ranked

Obey Me Characters Rank

Now that you know what the game is all about, we’re going to rank all the characters that you can date. This ranking is going to be based on looks, personality, and a few other factors. You could totally have a bias and dislike the rank of your favorite character in this list. This is an observation-based Ranking list. With that out of the way, let’s get into the rankings.

#12 – Luke

Luke is a male angel in the game. His Zodiac is Cancer and his birthday is on July 15. His favorite gifts are Flower and Message Card. He also likes to collect cute bandages. This little angel dislikes Lucifer and he also doesn’t like eating tomatoes, or ketchup.

He also dislikes certain types of cheese. Luke is an intimidating and opinionated character. If he dislikes something, he makes sure you know about it. He also warns the main character against trusting demons.

#11 – Simeon

Simeon is another male angel in the game. For all the Zodiac lovers out there, Simeon is Aquarius with birthday on February 10. Asmodeus calls him by the name of Serious Angel. His favorite gifts are a Book, a Game, or a movie ticket.

Simeon has mentioned that he loves the color Celestial blue, animal Sloth, and he also loves the concept of Escape Rooms. He is one of the characters that doesn’t have any dislikes in the game. While being a very strict supervisor, he has a very calm demeanor otherwise.

#10 – Solomon

Apart from the main character, Solomon is the only other Human in the entire game. He is a Sagittarius with his birthday on December 9. He also goes by the name of The Greatest Sorcerer, Solomon the Sorcerer, and The Witty Sorcerer. Asmodeus calls him Mister Stiff.

His favorite gifts are Books and Perfume. Solomon enjoys cooking and gives his food to his roommates and demon brothers. Although, he isn’t aware that they hate his food. While Solomon doesn’t bid an eye if someone cheats during a game, he gets angry if they brag about winning after cheating. He is a very confident person.

#9 – Diavolo

Diavolo is the only son of the Demon King and he fits the role perfectly. He is a Scorpio with his birthday on October 31. His titles are very authoritative like Lord Diavolo, and The Future King of the Devildom. Barbatos refers to him as Young Master.

Diavolo loves the Barbatos’ tea and despises pickles. There is a range of gifts that can be given to this guy like flowers, books, Manga, Barbatos’ Tea, etc. Diavolo’s personality is surprising for many people because he has a fair and joyous attitude.

#8 – Belphegor

Belphegor, the Avatar of Sloth, is a male Demon who was formerly an Angel. He is a Pisces with his birthday on March 11. He is also called by the name of Belphie. He is the second youngest sibling of the seven demon brothers.

As clear by his title, Belphegor loves to nap and he also dislikes Diavolo. His favorite gifts are Poison, Books, and a Movie Ticket. He likes white chocolate and “chill” Piano music. He doesn’t like anything that takes too much effort but he is a rebellious person.

#7 – Barbatos

Barbatos is an amazing butler who is another male Demon in the game. He is a Leo with his birthday on August 22. His aliases include Diavolo’s Butler and Greatest Pastry Chef. When you see his clothes, you can easily tell that he is a butler.

He is very serious about his position as a butler and exhibits a calm demeanor. He does enjoy occasional teasing. Barbatos loves ordering tea loves and despises rats. The best gifts to give him are Message Card, a Pocket tissue, and Madam Scream’s Macrons.

#6 – Satan

Satan, as the name suggests, is a male demon. He is the fourth oldest brother among the seven while he is physically the youngest. He is an Avatar of Wrath and also a Libra with his birthday on October 20. He is also known by the name of Wrathy McWrathface.

Satan loves beautiful things while he doesn’t like Lucifer. The best gifts to send him are Books, Apple Pie and Message Card. He is usually very calm and reasonable until it comes to Lucifer. He can also be very harsh and unforgiving when he’s angry.

#5 – Beelzebub

Beelzebub is the Avatar of Gluttony in the game. He is another male Demon who was formerly an Angel. He is a Pisces with the same birth date as Belphegor, which is March 11. He is also known by the name Beel.

Beelzebub is a big foodie. He loves delicious food and hates unappetizing food. He is evidently the Avatar of Gluttony because he is always hungry and most of his bag is always filled with different kinds of food. The best gift to give him is the Human world Cheeseburger.

#4 – Leviathan

Leviathan is the Avatar of Envy in the game. The third oldest male Demon brother among the seven, he is one of the main characters in the game. He is an Aries with his birthday on April 09. He is also known as Levi, Leviachan, and, Mr. Dark-and-Moody.

Leviathan is a big tsundere and a weeb. He likes the internet and dislikes normal people(normies). The best gifts for him are Pizza, Manga, Books, and Medicine. He spends most of his time in anime or playing games and rarely leaves his room.

#3 – Asmodeus

We’re in the top 3 now, and the title might be a little bit of a spoiler here. But, I don’t think anyone will be surprised with the Top 3. Asmodeus is the Avatar of Lust and he’s a Taurus with his birthday on May 15. He was formerly an angel and is also known as Asmo and Lusty McLustface.

Asmodeus likes, get this, himself while he dislikes Unsightly things. The best gifts to give him are Wicked Cupcake and Black Coffee of Melancholy. Since he is the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus is a natural flirt and is surprisingly charming.

#2 – Mammon

The second-best rank in the game goes to Mammon. He is the second oldest brother among the seven and is the Avatar of Greed. He is a Virgo with his birthday on September 10. He goes by many names including Idiot, Moron, Scumbag, Mammoney, etc.

Mammon loves money but dislikes working, you can already see the contradiction here. He is the Avatar of Greed after all. The best gifts to give him are Noodles, Manga, and Games. He is always looking to make a profit from every situation.

#1 – Lucifer

And finally, the eldest brother in the seven and also the rank 1, Lucifer is the Avatar of Pride. He is a Gemini with birthday on June 06. Simeon calls him Lucy and he also goes with other names like Pridy McPrideface, The Morning Star, etc.

Lucifer’s likes and dislikes revolve around Diavolo. He loves sipping tea with him and dislikes his enemies. The best gifts to give him are Poison, Poison Apple, Book, Message Card, and Flowers. He is the leader of the household and he presents himself accordingly.

That is all for all the Obey Me character ranks. Hope this article was helpful.

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