Sifu: All Shrine Locations In The Squats

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Sifu, the video game developed by a small game studio in France called Sloclap, will release on 8th February. Gamers are excited for this game’s arrival since it is not your ordinary martial-art action game.

This game is difficult but fun for players who like fast-paced, hardcore combat games and are fans of Kung-fu movies. Once you get into the flow of the game and start chaining combo moves, it will be impossible for you to put the game down. The most interesting mechanic of this game is that your character ages each time you die!

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All Shrine locations in The Squat level, in Sifu

Sifu consists of five levels. Each level can be completed in around 40 minutes for an average gamer. To ensure that your character becomes stronger as you advance through the levels, you have to get new skills.

These skills can be purchased by locating dragon statues made of jade which are hidden all around the map of a level. Each level has 3 dragon statues called “Sifu Shrine” hidden all around the map in secret locations. To learn the locations of each shrine in the “Squat Level” follow the list given below.

The first Sifu Shrine location in The Squats level compress image 14
The first Sifu Shrine in the Squats level.

In this first level, you will experience your first deadly fight with a lot of enemies. The goons will attack you in a corridor. After you fight your way through the enemies, locate a small room on the rooftop. The green Sifu Shrine will be inside the room.

The second Sifu Shrine location in The Squats level

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The second Sifu Shrine.

The second Sifu Shrine can be located at the back of an office room. This room will be heavily guarded by strong tattooed enemies. After defeating the enemies head to the back of the room and locate the cabinet. The Sifu Shrine will be on top of the cabinet.

The third Sifu Shrine location in The Squats level

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The third Sifu shrine.

The last Sifu Shrine can be found in an alleyway. This alleyway comes after a room with plants hanging from the ceiling. This room, decorated with plants will be guarded by three enemies, one of the more bigger and dangerous than the rest. After fighting your way through the enemies exit the room and step outside in the alleyway. The Sifu Shrine will be located to the right side of the alleyway.

The secret Sifu Shrine location at the Squat level

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The secret Sifu Shrine in the Squats Level.

This secret Sifu Shrine can be found in a loading bay outside the first building. You have to exit the first building via the locked door on the ground floor. The key to this locked door can be found later in the first level. The locked door will be guarded by enemies.

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