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All Known Spells to cast in Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter is just not movie series, now it has become an emotion for the whole world. And Hogwarts legacy is a dream come true game for each Harry Potter fan. Hogwarts legacy has many magical spells, beasts, and potions. Many stories and sub-stories are well fitted in the game so that players can have a very unique experience as per their personality and gaming style.

Avalanche Softwares studio just have released a gameplay trailer on youtube. They have also teased some spells that are being very popular in the Harry Potter and are present in the game. So we are going to discuss all known spells you can cast in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy – State of Play Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Spells that are present in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Accio – This spell works to move the affected object or enemy toward you. It is basically a summoning spell. This is a multipurpose spell. It is going to be very useful in combats and puzzles. And also to have some fun with the game characters too.
  • Avada Kadavra – This is an combat spell. This spell is also very dangerous, and may be to learn this spell, players have to work hard too. This is a killing curse and it says that Hogwarts Legacy is going to have many dangerous missions and many villains who are threat to you. Be careful.
Image from Official Website of Hogwarts Legacy
  • Descendo – This is a kind of cool spell to use. It actually gives a ground slam to the affected enemy or object. Players can use this spell in between combats, and may be this is useful for solving many puzzles too.
  • Diffindo – This spell works to tear apart any object or might be enemies. This spell can also used for many purposes in the game. Puzzles and exploration will become easy with this spell.
  • Dillusionment Charm – Everyone remembers the Deathly Hallow, which makes anyone invisible for normal human eyes. And a spell which provide almost same magical dillusion to the players is going to be crazy. This spell is going to be used a lot for detective activities and adventurous explorations.
  • Expelliarmus – This spell is used to disarm the enemy. Whether this will work on anything that the character is holding in his hands, who is attacked. Obviously, this is going to be a combat spell. But who knows, it can help at other places too.
  • Incendio – This spell is going to be most popular among the action loving fans. This spell is also used in the official gameplay trailer for many times. This spell burns the target and may be it has a higher damage too.
  • Lumos – This spell is used to provide light in the dark. This spell makes your wand’s tip a super luminous candle which burns the fuel of magic. This is obviously used for lighting up the dark places and also provide protection from Devil’s Snare.
  • Petrificus Totalus – This spell is also an combat spell which binds the target enemy or may be friend with magic for some times, which makes him disable to move. This is going to be helpful while fighting with multiple enemies at once.
  • Protego – This spell is the most important spell for combats. This spell provides a shield to the player which helps to protect from any ranged or projectile attacks and direct weapon attacks. Mastering this spell will make the player very much strong against the enemy’s attacks.
Use of Shield Charm Spell (Protego) in Hogwarts Legacy
Image from Official Website of Hogwarts Legacy
  • Reparo – This spell is going to be used for adventure and exploration. It can repair and recreate any broken thing. In the trailer, we have seen recreation of a whole bridge with this spell, which makes it very powerful tool for a magician. May be this spells powers will depend on the player’s mastery.
  • Stupefy – This is again a combat related spell, which stuns the target at which it is used. Many players will master this spell, because it can be very helpful against multiple enemies.
  • Wingardium Leviosa – This is the most famous spell of Harry Potter series. This spell is used to make the target float and this is a very fun but a very powerful magic spell. In the official trailer, we just have listened “Leviosa”.

There are many spells in the Harry Potter series, which were used in the game. But for now, we just have recognized these spells.

If you have spotted any other spells in the trailer, do share them with us. We are looking forward to you. And also share your views on the Hogwarts Legacy Game and its gameplay trailer.

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