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BELLATORES | Project N1 | Everyhing you need to know about!

As another addition to the vast MMO Gaming Industry, Bellatores has been announced as an massively Multiplayer Online(MMO) game set to release in the year 2022 itself. Here’s all we know about the game and the current state of development.

Nyou, known for developing mobile games like Dragon Chronicles and Duel Summoners, recently announced the amount of investments they’ve secured for developing their game. As it is clear from the Nyou Inc. Website, one of the biggest games being developed by the developers is Project N1, now officially know as Bellatores. It is already set to create it’s own place among the most popular Korean MMO titles like Lost Ark, Black Desert Online, etc.


According to the reports from MMO Culture, Bellatores will feature the elements of Survival, progression and adventure, along with large scale Player-vs-Player setting. With the current state of MMO industry and specially Korean MMOs, the game is already being painted in bad light as another game that will either be Pay-To-Win or have an insanely long and tedious progression system.

The game is set in a medieval period with various fantasy aspects to it. It is reported that the game developers have recieved a massive investment from Epic Games itself which is estimated to be around $5-$15 million. With this, the game’s budget has already gone up to around $50 million which is a lot.

Even with incompetent developers, this amount of money could fetch an amazing game. Nyou is known to be a decent bunch of developers. A lot of different companies are currently investing in this project which is raising the expectations of people around the World.

The game is being developed under Unreal Engine 5 and pursues live-action visuals. Bellatores is reported to feature inter-continental supremacy. Nyou has already announced that their target is to make this game an MMO for PC exclusively which is a great news for MMO fans. While most of the people think Project N1 is just going to be another MMO good enough to keep players busy until the next MMO, some players have great expectations for its longevity.

The developers reported that they’re planning to release the game in 2022 itself which is a bold claim for a game which has no trailers or in-game scenes published yet. We think that the most that will come out of this game in 2022 will be a Closed-beta. Apart from the images shown above about Bellatores taken from official websites, there are some character art styles as well.

Bellatores Characters
Bellatores Characters

That is all we know about Bellatores at the moment. The MMO is very hyped even without any solid information about it. Players are eagerly waiting for this to be released. For more about Bellatores, check out the video by MMOByte here.

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