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Artillerist Ultimate Beginner Guide Lost Ark (2022)

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Artillerists, like all other classes, have their own basic weapon. In the case of the Artillerist class, the basic weapon is a machine gun, that speeds up as you fire with the left mouse button. The artillerist has 8 slots for abilities, where you can customize your playstyle by slotting in different abilities.

The Abilities

To start off, the Identity is your firepower gauge, meaning that you will need to build it up by damaging enemies. When you deal damage, a meter in the bottom center of your screen shows your build-up progress.

Once fully charged, you can enter barrage mode, which basically makes you a high fire-rate turret. The downside to this ability is that you cannot move while you are in barrage mode, which can often prove critical if not used carefully.

Artillerist Missile Barrage 0 2 screenshot compressed

This ability equips you with a rocket launcher, using which you can fire 20 rockets into the sky, which fly into the cursor location and explode on impact, inflicting area damage.

This ability really shines when you’ve been pushed into a corner, or surrounded by a swarm of enemies, as it has a large area of effectiveness and instantly damages all enemies within its radius. Here is an overview of all the abilities in this class.

Artillerist Buckshot 0 1 screenshot compressed

The Buckshot ability basically equips you with a shotgun, firing which you emit a conal blast, inflicting damage knocking back your enemies.

You can use this weapon when an enemy suddenly gets too close for comfort, as most of the time it’s a one-shot weapon when in close range.

Artillerist Flamethrower 0 2 screenshot compressed

Using this ability, you can fire a flamethrower in a single direction while moving freely. The flames last for a while, inflicting fire damage. This is a satisfying area clearing move you can perform when there is a hoard of enemies blocking your way forward.

Artillerist Gatling Gun 0 3 screenshot compressed

This ability equips you with a heavy machine gun, which you can aim with your cursor. It has a high fire rate and deals decent damage, hence, is great for fighting bosses. Note that you cannot move while firing, but can move with the weapon equipped.

Artillerist Napalm Shot 0 1 screenshot compressed

This is one of the strongest abilities in the game. It detonates a napalm shell, damaging your enemies and launching them in the air. Also, napalm shell sets the ground ablaze on impact, inflicting fire damage to any enemy in the area for 5 seconds.

So that is all you needed to know regarding the Artillery Class before you jump into the game. You probably have noticed it is more of a big gun swinging- the guns-blazing type of archetype, but with lesser mobility.

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