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Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games You Should Play Now (2022)

One of the most played genres in games is Battle Royale. This genre only continues to grow and grow and make a profit. A battle Royale game is basically based on an elimination basis. The game automatically puts you in a map or playfield, and level by level players get eliminated and the last man standing wins the game.

The beginning of Battle Royale games is still unknown, but how they have evolved over the years is definitely a story to remember. Battle Royale games are violent, unpredictable, and fun multiplayer modes where the goal is to be the sole survivor.

Here’s the list of Best Battle Royale Games you can play in 2022, Let’s have a look at them!



I would say Fortnite is currently the ruler of Battle Royale games and for a pretty good reason. Firstly, it is a free PvP game and came at a time when other Battle Royale games like PUBG were making rounds of popularity.

Fortnite has also has helped a lot of Youtubers and Content creators to grow their business and took this bandwagon to the moon.

Fortnite’s most important advantage is a very large playing base. Even after several years of existence, we can find matches within seconds. Another feature is that you can build structures and buildings and can gain leverage out of them.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Pacific Best Graphics Keyboard Mouse Settings

Call of Duty: Warzone has entered the competitive Battle Royale market and is here to stay. In India, it came as an alternative to PUBG, people started loving it.

What makes it interesting is the silky-smooth shooting experience and huge maps for players to explore. There are vehicles to move around and many weapons to choose and fight from. Millions and millions of players joined it, shortly after its launch.

This game is a good package that looks set to be a big player in this genre. Warzone has two other modes called Plunder and Resurgence, which play slightly different from the regular Battle Royales but offer a variety.

Apex Legends

apex legends

Apex Legends is one of the first games to introduce the formula of reviving your teammates as well as the intuitive pinging system that other games are still figuring out.

This game does not have large maps and parkour but is filled with many exciting weapons. It is basically a squad-based Battle Royale with a hero shooter flair. Each Legend has its own set of abilities which allows them to benefit the whole squad.

Just like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex has a couple of more modes that you can use and make your game time a fun one.

Hunt: Showdown

Next up is Hunt: Showdown, where all other Battle Royale games shave PvP experience, this game, however, changes all that. It instead gives a heavy PvE experience and lets you play as Bounty Hunters and you have to hunt down 4 bosses that will be provided by the game.

You can team up with your other players and help each other kill the bosses. After defeating a boss, you are given a Bounty, and you have to carefully get it to an Extraction Point.

This gives a change in your usual Battle Royale Gaming and according to us a little change here and there doesn’t hurt anybody.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys rose to fame in 2020, and its cute and colorful ambiance makes it a very fun experience. It has taken the Battle Ground genre, added some colors and aesthetics to it, and made a completely new experience!

In this game, we have about 60 or more beans (yes! Beans), or at least bean-shaped creatures, which are players who have to go through an obstacle course to reach another level. Each level will have a new obstacle course.

The one thing which makes it different from other Battle Royale Games is that it does not have any sort of killing, but removes players on an elimination basis. The look and feel of Fall Guys is very bright and appealing to many players looking for a new game!

Which game is good for you?

The Battle Royale genre has a lot of games other than the ones mentioned here, and which game you play completely depends on what type of game you like. We are just here to offer you some options which you might miss out on.

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