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Best Gacha Club Outfits for Boys and Girls

Gacha Club is a role-playing game that lets players customize their own personal anime-styled characters. It lets you design minute details of your characters like hair, eyes, clothes, etc. to make them just how you want your character to look. It also allows players to play 8 different mini-games with their characters and make micro-purchases in-game

The game has an interesting mechanic where you can redeem a code of certain outfits to make your character wear the said outfit. This attracted various articles around the World to release some custom-made outfits. Here are the 3 best Gacha club outfits for both boys and girls.

The following codes can be imported into your game on both PC and Mobile once you reach Level 5 in the game. Just click on import and type in the code. If you want to put your outfit out there for other people to get, you can export it and you will get a code for it as well.

Best Gacha Club outfits for girls


Casual outfit

This outfit, made by fiwiley, is one of the best casual outfits on Gacha Club. The comfortable Hoodie with cat ears really takes you into the comfortable vibe with pinkish-white homely socks. It’s a perfect outfit to make you feel homely and comfortable. The cat ears also give it a girly feel with oversized arms adding to the final touch.


Nerdy Outfit

This outfit is made b Carame and is perfect for the nerds out there. The way the characters are designed in Gacha Club, it is really easy for them to look really cute while wearing glasses. So, to show our appreciation for the nerds out there, this is definitely one of the best gacha club outfits.


Party-ready Outfit

Designed by bearsoutfit, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing outfits for party wear. When you’re going out for a party, what better style to go with than all Black? This outfit gives you the perfect combination of a dress, heels, and lipstick to finish off your party wear. Perfect for wearing at a Gacha Club party.

Best Gacha Club outfits for Boys

Cool Look

Cool Look Outfit

One of the most famous outfit styles for boys both inside and outside Gacha Club is the cool look. This outfit is perfect for the standard boys’ outfit that provides you with sports shoes, jeans with chains, and an amazing Shirt. The mask adds the finishing touch to the outfit making it really intimidating and aesthetically pleasing.


Gothic Outfit

How could we write an article about the best outfits for Gacha Club and not include a Gothic outfit? This outfit is designed by SelloTape1651 and can be imported to the game and put on your character using the provided code. Gothic design is one of the most famous designs in various games and this provides with one of the best out there.


Winter Outfit

Even though it’s nearing the summer season everywhere around the World, some people might still want to rock a winter fit. This outfit is one of the most aesthetically pleasing winter outfits for boys. The muffler at the top adds a final touch to the outfit comprising of baggy jeans and a jacket. It is designed by Sisi Gachalife.

That will do for the best gacha club outfits for boys and girls. Hope the article was helpful.

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