Bloodborne PSX Demake: All Cheats Codes & How to use them

Bloodborne PSX Demake All Cheats Codes & How to use them

In this guide, we will list out all the Bloodborne PSX Demake cheat codes and also tell you how you can use them. It is very easy to use just follow the guide that will help you with this process.

Bloodborne PSX demake is a very unique take on the critically acclaimed 2015 FromSoftware title Bloodborne as it tries to bring the PS1 era back with its iteration of Bloodborne.

The has turned out to be really popular with more than 100,000 players downloading the game in one day. The game doubles down on the vintage feel with the inclusion of various cheat codes that the player can use. So here’s the list of the cheat codes present in the game and how you use them.

Bloodborne PSX Demake All Cheats Codes How to use them 1

All Cheatcodes in Bloodborne PSX Demake

The game features 7 different cheat codes listed below.

  • SOCKEM – Use this cheat to give small damage to the unarmed.
  • TOPHEAVY – Enables the big head mode.
  • YESYOUCAN – Enables the pet dog mode.
  • CONVOLUTED – Use this cheat to alter time with the right stick.
  • SPLATSILVER – Activates the paintball mode.
  • ICHANGEDMYMINDTO + [text] – Use this cheat to change your name.
  • WHATIFITWAS + [text] – The cheat lets you change the ‘you died’ text.
Bloodborne PSX Demake All Cheats Codes & How to use them

How to use the cheatcodes

  • Using the cheat codes in the Bloodborne Demake is fairly simple.
  • You just have to press the Esc or start button and go to the settings.
  • The settings menu will have the option of cheats there, to use the cheat codes you just have to select this option and enter any of the cheat codes mentioned above.

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