Can you Play Last of Us 2 on PC or Emulator?

The one thing that annoys every gamer is platform-exclusive titles making many feel left out, massive releases like God of War and The Last of Us 2 are exclusive to the PlayStation platform and players are wondering whether you can play such titles on pc with an emulator or not.

What are Emulators?

So in layman’s terms, an emulator is software that lets your device act like another device and run applications that normally would not work on that said device. This is a very popular tool for players to play games from various consoles that may not be available in the market anymore like the Nintendo Ds or the Playstation 1.

So Can you Play the Last of Us 2 on an Emulator?


The simple and unfortunate answer is no. There are not any known working ps4 emulators available to download. Many websites claim that they have a working premium emulator available to download but sadly none of them ever work.

Besides these false claims, players should also be aware of various scams asking for money to develop a ps4 emulator. Scams like PCSX4 try to look legitimate using the popularity of the Ps2 emulator PCSX2 and more and more players seem to be getting deceived.

However, it’s not all bad news as players can still play the original Last of Us title using a PS3 emulator called the RPCS3 which can run the game at a rock-solid 30 fps with very few frame drops.

Many players who did not own a PlayStation have already tried to play the game this way with mostly positive feedback. Keep in mind that emulators are quite demanding on your PC and a subpar device may not be able to run the game so smoothly.

So while you wait for a PS4 emulator that may be available in the future, this could be a great option to try out all the amazing titles the PS3 has to offer.

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