Cycle frontier Hackers ruining the Experience for Everyone

So in my opinion cycle Frontier is an awesome game with its P-V-E type scenario which includes a lot of different types of weapons a lot of different types of scenarios many NPC characters and a lot of materials to farm for to upgrade to better weapons and better armour better helmets and other utilities.

It’s overall a very good experience to play with and mess around if you have some time to relax for some time in a P-V-E game, but of course, recently a lot of instances have been caught that the anti-cheat the game is using is not very adequate to track down the different hackers who are stepping into the game and they are obliterating the people who are playing it fair and square.

It includes of course different types of hacks like wallhacks, AIM assistance, RADAR placement, and a lot of other hacks that even you can find very easily if you scroll through the web. In any case, I don’t support anybody using these hacks but still, it’s just a disappointment to see that such a good game is getting wrecked with hackers.

For my instance only when I was playing this game just for the sake of reviewing it and writing articles for this website, when I was playing it I also came across a lot of hackers. Firstly there were the wallhacks. I was in an area called Vaccine Labs where I was taking shelter from a storm and as the storm stopped suddenly I don’t know what but just a rapid round of bullets came through the wall in front of me. Steel wall might I call it you off but a very strong Steel wall and the bullets came just completely obliterated me.

That said, I was pretty sad because not only did I lose all the materials which I had collected in an hour or two hours but I also lost all the materials which I had taken while I was entering the game. Luckily I had all the weapons insured so that was an advantage that I had but I still won’t say that it is a very big advantage because it affects greatly your in-game progression.

So apart from that if you go and check out on Reddit also you’ll see that a lot of people are saying about hacks and even I also have faced these hacks while playing the game. For an instance, in the Rock pools, I remember a player who was standing almost 150 meters away from me and that player completely got hold of me with a simple shotgun whereas I had an assault rifle yet I couldn’t kill him even if I completely fired off a full round of my assault rifle and yet it couldn’t kill him.

He had somehow survived and the shotgun he was using was a common type of shotgun that you get in the first part of the game in the crates and you can easily craft. Instances like these result in players just abandoning the game plain and simple as they want to abandon the game because they don’t like it.

It is sad to see that so many players want to abandon the game because it’s crowded with so many hackers and crowded with so many people who are just wanting to use the easy way out to gain an upper hand and I don’t know why they are doing it because this is not a game which has a conclusive ending !!!

This is a game where you essentially required materials and you need to survive the whole environment but I don’t know why people are using hacks. Maybe they are getting an upper hand in the short run but in the long run, they are just killing the game.

That said so now I think since even if it’s a free-to-play game I think the company should work upon the anti-cheat software which they are employing and must upgrade it to something better or even work on what is currently being used i.e. battle-eye which is being used right now to make it better than what it is at the current stage and take reporting players seriously.

I think I reported the guys who killed me with wallhack and killed me from 150 meters away using a shotgun but still I don’t think that took any effect on the player or the ecosystem. It seems they are pretty casual about hackers !!!

They are like if hackers exist in a game we are proud to just not acknowledge it. We will just avoid it and you know cover it up with the rug. That said something like this happening is not good for the game.

If that is the case then the game should just reconsider using better software and overall improve the quality of the games for all free-to-play players who are seriously grinding in the game, can have fun doing so, and do not abandon it like millions of others who have faced the same issue and have gone bankrupt and been abandoned by the community over the years. 

Written by
Ratul Bhattacharya

Hello, I am a highschooler student currently mastering video editing and content creation through YouTube and future gaming. Games have always been my keenest point of interest due to which I love my work.

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