The Cycle: Frontier Zero Systems CPU Locations(Updated 2022)

The Cycle Frontier is a free-to-play survival game wherever you jump onto 2 maps and start your scavenge hunt. There are a lot of things and materials that you will get during this scavenge hunt.

Once you begin the sport you may begin with some basic instrumentation and gradually rank up or progress to gain more powerful weapons, gear and attachments. Zero system CPUs are such rare components and here is a detailed guide to where you can find some when needed.

Before we get into the guide, let’s understand what Zero system CPUs are and why are they so essential in-game.

What are Zero Systems CPUs?

Zero Systems C.P.U. may be a Rare material that you just will loot and use to craft or print varied things like Restoration shields, Shield, tactical shields, Master Unit hardware etc. This material is employed in varied devices that require giant amounts of straightforward calculations.

If you don’t wish to use this material to craft or print different things then you’ll loot the fabric to sell and earn 508 K-Marks. you have got an additional choice to get the good thing about having Zero Systems hardware which is to earn five Faction Points to level up your rank.

Zero System CPU 1
Zero Systems CPU

How to find Zero Systems CPUs?

The Zero Systems C.P.U. has an associate item weight of five and is priced at 506 K-Marks or 5 Faction Points. Since it’s accustomed to crafting high-level instrumentality, it’s one of all tougher things to seek out within the Cycle Frontier.

But if you recognise specifically wherever to seem once attempting to farm Zero Systems CPUs, then you’ll be ready to notice plentiful amounts of this item quickly. The Zero Systems mainframe spawns in cupboards, baggage and Briefcases.

It sounds like this item incorporates a tendency to largely spawn in areas that are high on top of the bottom, thus you ought to target those areas initial after you exit farming. To give you a concept of however arduous it’s to seek out Zero System CPUs within the Cycle Frontier, below we’ve listed down the drop probabilities for this item from the various tiers of cupboards, baggage and Briefcases.

The Cycle Frontier Doing the Work Quest Guide


  • Drop Chance: 10.15%[ Tier 2 ]
  • Drop Chance: 9.33%[ Tier 3 ]
  • Drop Chance: 9.40%[ Tier 4 ]
  • Drop Chance: 10.13%[ Tier 5 ]


  • Drop Chance: 0.73% [ Tier 1 ]
  • Drop Chance: 5.68% [ Tier 2 ]
  • Drop Chance: 4.96% [ Tier 3 ]
  • Drop Chance: 4.70% [ Tier 4 ]
  • Drop Chance: 4.96% [ Tier 5 ]


  • Drop Chance: 0.73%[ Tier 1 ]
  • Drop Chance: 1.07% [ Tier 2]
  • Drop Chance: 1.34%[ Tier 3 ]
  • Drop Chance: 1.77% [ Tier 4]
  • Drop Chance: 2.07%[ Tier 5]

From the top of stats, it looks that the cupboards area unit is the best option to go once making an attempt to farm Zero Systems CPUs within the Cycle Frontier. That said, you’ll notice bags and Briefcases in each a part of Bright Sands and Crescent Falls, therefore check that to invariably loot them yet.

Now to assist you with finding cupboards, bags and Briefcases within the Cycle Frontier, below we’ve got hooked-up map pictures of Bright Sands and Crescent Falls, that show the situation of all of those crates inside them.

Location of Zero System CPUs in Crescent Falls

As you’ll be able to see from this map image, the middle of Crescent Falls (Greens Prospect) is the best place to farm Zero Systems CPUs because it has the best density of cupboards, Briefcases and baggage.

Location of Zero Systems CPUs in Bright Sands

However, the 2 areas marked on the map, Jungle Camp and Crashed Ship, appear to be a hotspot for locating Zero Systems CPUs. this can be a result of these area units being high from the bottom, and this item appears to spawn additional in these kinds of locations.

So if you’re attempting to farm Zero Systems CPUs from Bright Sands, confirm to loot Jungle Camp and Crashed Ships before you progress onto the opposite locations.

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