Destiny 2: How To Farm Legendary Shards (New Method) 2022

Destiny 2 was released way back in 2017, and even after so many years, the player base for the game remains vast, making Destiny 2 one of the most popular shooters even going into 2022. Considering the importance of the Legendary Shards in the game for players we have decided to bring you this guide to show you how you can farm legendary shards in 2022.

What Are Legendary Shards?

Legendary Shards are a form of currency in Destiny 2 and can be used to improve gear or for trade. These legendary shards can be obtained from dismantling legendary gear and equipment. Destiny 2 features many forms of currencies and legendary shards are one of the most important forms of currency as legendary shards can be used for –

Source- Destinypedia
  • Purchase Exotic Engrams and weapons
  • Upgrade Legendary weapons and armor.
  • Purchase Faction weapons, armor, and consumables
  • Purchase Engrams
  • Infuse two weapons or armor pieces to achieve a higher power level.

Since Legendary Shards are such a valuable resource we highly recommend players follow the tips below to gather as many shards they can.

Best Farms

There are 3 farms that you can use to gather a lot of Legendary Shards- Crucibles, Strikes, and Farm Dares of Eternity. All three of the farms are great in their own way and it comes down to the personal choice of which farm you want to go for.


To farm strikes what you want to do is select a playlist like the vanguard ops and keep on playing PVE to increase your Streak rank. Your rank will keep on increasing with more of the same activity played and you will get Engrams at a much faster rate. You can farm any playlist you like as long as you have the Prosperity Ghost Shell Mod equipped which creates a chance to drop an additional legendary piece that can later be dismantled.


Farming in Crucible can be really great if you are good at PvP. Just pick a mode like Rumble and keep on playing in a crucible playlist to increase your streak and eventually rank. Make sure you have Prosperity Ghost Shell Mod equipped just like while farming strikes. If you really struggle with PvP then the other farms will be a better choice for you.

Dares Of Eternity

Just like the other farms, you would have to keep playing Dares to build the Play Streak to earn better rewards but what makes Dares different is the quality of loot you get here. Dares of Eternity features some of the best loot in Destiny 2 and by far the best weapons, in addition to that you also get Treasure Keys which allow you to open  Xur’s Treasure Hoard which contains Legendary Gear for you to dismantle for those Legendary Shards. Prosperity Ghost Shell Mod is highly advisable for this farm too. This Farm can be more time-consuming than the others but the rewards make Dares worth it.

Some Other Ways You Can Earn Legendary Shards

Here is a list of some other ways that you can get these legendary shards without grinding any farms –

  • Dismantle Legendary Gear already in your vault – You might already be sitting with gold in your vault and clearing it might be a good decision since a lot of gear is usually left unutilized and is being wasted in your vault. Instead, you can dismantle them for precious resources.
  • Complete the Season Pass– There are various rewards in this season’s pass that enable you to earn more Legendary Shards so we highly recommend that you complete the season pass as soon as you can.
  • Vendor Packages– You can also claim various Vendor packages that you can claim, always be on a lookout for them as they can give you engrams and legendary gear that you can dismantle for the shards

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