Dread Hunger: How to play as Thrall (Tips and Tricks)

gread hunger thrall

In this guide, we will talk about the best tips and tricks and how you play as Thrall in the game Dread Hunger and get the best hang of this character that will help you dominate the game easily.

Dread Hunger is a survival horror multiplayer roleplaying game that was launched early last year. The game also includes an impostor class called the Thrall. This game is available on steam for you to play.

What do you need to do as Thrall?

The main goal of Thrall is to prevent the crew from escaping and this is his win condition. So any play that you make should have the end goal in mind and your main focus should be on achieving this goal. You can achieve this goal in various ways and you should try to explore different options.

dread hunger ship 11zon

You should understand all the Thrall actions.

To be an effective Thrall you need to fully utilize everything the thrall can do. Below is a list of thrall actions that you should use in order to win.

  • Use your Bone Knife
  • Use Thrall Vision
  • Build Bone Totems
  • Eat Human Flesh
  • Sabotage the Boiler Room
  • Craft Thrall Items
  • Esacpe the Brig

These are all the thrall actions you can perform. Knowing when and why to perform various actions is necessary to be a good thrall player. You should check the above list and notice what you lack the most in your gameplay and try to work on that aspect as being effective in all the Thrall actions is the only way to find consistent wins.

Best Classes for Thrall

Captain 1

Every class in Dread Hunger is somewhat viable and the best is highly subjective but some classes surely have some clear-cut advantages.

The cook for example can easily build trust by serving food that has not been poisoned, this way he can avoid suspicion for a long time and be safe early.

The Captain is another solid choice as he has increased survival stats in the game which makes fights on board often go in his favor.

These are just some of the things that you should know if you want to become a nightmare for the crew as the Thrall in Dread Hunger.

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