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Elden Ring – Top 5 Best Summons After the 1.03 Update 

Elden Ring is coming out to be the most popular game out of the entire Souls series, these games are notorious for being very difficult and Elden Ring is no different. Many new players to the series may struggle to progress further into the game due to various difficult encounters the game makes you go through.

But one of the best aids you can call for in such situations is the summons that players have access to from very early in the game.

Today we are looking at the best summons you can go for after the various balance changes in patch 1.03 of Elden Ring which makes the mimic summon which was the clearest choice earlier a little weaker.

Black Knight Tiche

Black Knight Tiche is a very unique summon as it shoots out projectiles that inflict bleed effect on your foes. It is also a very mobile and fast-moving summon that allows him to survive more and chip away more health of your target. You can get access to this Summon once you defeat Aleeto: Black Knife Ringleader.

Crystallian Ashes

The next summon on our list is Crystallian Ashes, this Summon is one of the best distraction type Summon you can use in the game. Since it is very tanky and has a lot of poise, your foes focus on the summon for a long duration of time which you can use to get in hits. This works great with bosses and slow enemies. You fill find this Summon while exploring a cave in the Sellia Hideaway region.

Lhutel The Headless

Lhutel The Headless is another tanky Summon that comes with the ability to teleport and can attack from up close or throw its spear as a ranged attack. Lhutel also has great armor and a shield for more survivability. You can get him after defeating the Cemetery Shade who is the boss of Tombsward Catacombs.

Greatshield Soldier Ashes

One of the best Summons that you can use right now due to the number of summons and their tanky nature. You get five shielded skeletons that can block damage for you, overwhelm your enemies with their numbers and even use ranged attacks for damage. The Summons are very adaptable in any situation and you can never go wrong going for them. You will find the Summon near the Nokron Eternal City site of grace.

Rotten Stray Ashes

Rotten Stray Ashes is one of the cheapest Summons out there and can be found really early in your playthrough. What makes this Summon so good is the Scarlet rot effect it can inflict even on bosses which constantly reduces the health of the boss. It is found near the Sellia Under Stair site next to a dead body and a dog that you’ll have to defeat.

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