Find All Escape Simulator Hidden Items Location Easily

Find All Escape Simulator Hidden Items Location Easily

Escape Simulator is a puzzle-based game that requires the use of logic and patience. You’ll find yourself in a variety of specialized escape rooms, and you have to escape out of them. In each chamber, you will be given a variety of objects, some of which are useful and others which are not. Some of these artifacts are Clues, while others are Key Objects, and yet others are simply there to add to the atmosphere.

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Escape Simulator: All Hidden Items Locations Tips

Here in this guide, we will help you find all hidden items in the game and complete every room available fast enough to get the trophies.

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Tutorial Room

  1. You will find the first item under the blue chair, tip it over to locate it.
  2. The second item is hidden under the big blue car on the toy box.
  3. The next item on the picture of the dinosaur, in the right hand.
  4. Next, on the window, behind the curtain, on the right side of the small rows of glass
  5. On the aeroplane suspended from the ceiling, behind the left-wing, either get close or crouch.
  6. Inside a yellow railroad car on the shelf, turn it over and it’s inside.
  7. Crouch between the shelf with the globe and the bed, and look down the side, you can just skim the token between the madresse and the bedpost.
  8. Open the big toybox, crouch next to the door, and look down the side, you can just skim the token between the madresse and the bedpost.

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Labyrinth Of Egypt

The first room of the Labyrinth of Egypt is called First Chamber. You will find the hidden items at these locations:

1: In the right eagle’s beak, at the puzzle with the red turner and yellow dots.
2: Enter code 2263 behind the left eagle (seen on “Egyptology 102” cover)
3: Resting on top of the flowerpot on the left side of this problem. It will fall down if you move it.
4: Sand is laying at the base of the pedestal; remove it with a brush and look for a token.

5: After completing the pedestal problem, crouch and place it under the compartment’s top.
6: Press the loose stone at the base of the door, just right of the eagle puzzle, to shift it and reveal the token.
7: Use the shovel at the location between the three rocks where the canteen is laying to reveal
8: Putting a coin into the fountain, turning it into a token

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Emergency Awakening:

1: There are six stickers above the bed, the bottom one encloses a token.
2: Crouch in the tall closet, line up the green t-shirt, and click inside the sleeve 
3: Roll down the curtain after turning on the computer, and you’ll find a token on the left side.
4: Rotate the dumbbell nearest to the bed on the floor and find a token at the end.
5: A token is on the floor, under the shade of a blue cap.
6: Squat and look to the left of the bed for the blue lights, which are under the bottom one.
7: In the corner of the flower, tucked in between the little pebbles, concealed
8: There are two sheets in the box above the bed, flipping the white sheet will reveal a picture.

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Brain Checkup:

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1: Crouch and look under the drawer after solving the clock puzzle.
2: A token can be found inside the tophat on the cloth rack.
3: On the left side of the window, behind the flowers
4: On the left side, above the door
5: There is a token under the lighting if you look straight up.
6: Take the ink jar, and by pressing the cork, a token will appear within.
7: In the flower vase next to the couch, inside the safe behind the picture, next to the heart locket

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