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The next FromSoftware game after Elden Ring’s Great Success?

Elden Ring was released this year on 25th February and has sold more than 10 million copies of its game worldwide. This new open-world Soul’s-like game was directed by the veteran Hidetaka Miyazaki.

This new game developed by FromSoftware attracted new players along with the die-hard Dark Souls fans. Most industry experts already believe that Elden Ring will win the Game Of The Year Award.

As people keep grinding Elden Ring, gamers are already speculating about FromSoftware’s next game project. Read this article to get an idea about what the next FromSoftware game could be.

A sequel to existing franchises?

FromSoftware has several successful franchises under its belt. The most successful being Dark Souls. The probability of getting another instalment of the Dark Soul franchise is highly unlikely since it already has three games.

If FromSoftware wants to play it safe and releases another Soul’s-like game it could be a sequel to the Playstation exclusive Bloodborne. Recent news leaks and unconfirmed sources suggest something else. Industry experts believe that the next FromSoftware game is going to be set in a science-fiction world!

A new installment to the Armored Core franchise.

Armoured Core is an obscure game franchise released by FromSoftware in 1997. This game was released on that era’s PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Armoured Core is a TPP action game with mechs.

The game had the player build and customize their own robot mech and fight enemies. Similar to the Dark Souls franchise released in the future, Armored Core was a hardcore game with a steep learning curve. The release of this game cemented FromSoftware’s reputation as a professional game developing company.

Armored Core.

The Armored Core franchise has a total of 13 games. The last Armored Core game was released back in 2013 and was called Armored Core: Verdict Day. According to news leaks and unconfirmed sources, FromSoftware’s next game is going to be an Armored Core instalment.

This game will feature in-depth customization of robot mechs and fast-paced gameplay. Similar to previous Armored Core games this new instalment will be set in a sci-fi world. It is hard to speculate on the release date of this new game but it definitely is not going to be released any time soon.

BloodBorne 2.

While PC gamers are still waiting for the PC port of Bloodborne, many fans have been expecting the sequel to Bloodborne. Sony, the owner of FromSoftware and Bluepoint Games has assigned the Bloodborne IP to be developed by Bluepoint Games. News sources suggest that Bluepoint Games may release a sequel to Bloodborne 2 or just remaster the original game. Bloodborne was a PlayStation exclusive set in a nightmarish world inspired by HP Lovecraft. The game was hard and similar to the Dark Souls franchise.

Elden Ring 2

Elden Ring, the critically acclaimed FromSoftware game was released this year. This game is set in an open world, unlike the Dark Souls game. This brand new IP also offered players wholly new and unique classes. Since Elden Ring was just released a few months ago the chances of getting an Elden Ring sequel are slim but there could be a slight chance of FromSoftware releasing the sequel.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was a Soul’s-like game developed by FromSoftware. The world of Sekiro was set in a fictional Asian world featuring samurai and east-Asian folklore. The game was also notoriously hard to play and seasoned gamers found the game much harder than the Dark Souls franchise and Bloodborne. It has been a while since Sekiro has been released so there is a lot of chance for the release of Sekiro 2.

A Brand New World with a new story line

FromSoftware could also be working on a completely new IP differing from the previous Dark Souls games and their game styles. This new game could feature a brand new world with a unique theme and setting. Since it has been a while since FromSoftware released a brand new game the chances of getting a wholly new game are very high.

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