GPU Prices in India are finally dropping, Why & When to Buy?

If you are a gamer looking to buy a decent gaming GPU in the past 2 years, you know the condition of the GPU market. The GPU prices around the world skyrocketed up to double their MSRP and even more.

But finally, the current state of GPU prices in India is becoming better day by day. In this article, we will discuss why the GPU prices are finally lowering in India, what is the current prices and if you should buy a GPU yet.

Reasons for the current state of GPU prices

Around 2020, a lot of factors came together to skyrocket the price of GPU around the World. These factors included an extreme shortage of silicon chips due to COVID restrictions, GPUs being bought in bulk by Crypto miners and many others.

GPU prices are finally coming down closer to their MSRP dropping by at least 30-40% recently. Here’s the reasons for the current state of GPU prices in India:

  • The main reason for the increase in prices was the lack of production due to COVID restrictions. Since the restrictions have mostly been lifted in almost every part of the World, the production is back at its full pace and there’s a significant amount of increase in GPU production.
  • Another issue that was an obstacle in GPU production was the lack of Silicon chips. This led to a shortage issue not only in GPU industry, but in every industry that needs Silicon Chips. This shortage has almost finished as well which led to an even higher production rate for GPU.
Current state of GPU prices in India
Silicon Chip shortage
  • One of the biggest factor in the current state of GPU prices throughout the world is the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia has been completely cut-off from GPU trades, among many other things, which led to the GPUs being diverted to other places, most of them in Asia.
  • Nvidia has recently announced their next GPU in the RTX series(RTX 4000) which also led their competitor AMD to announce their 7000 series. Among all these, Intel has announced their Arc series that has a higher performance to price ratio. With this new competitor releasing GPUs with a lower price, it’s causing the others to lower their prices too.
Intel Arc series
  • Last but not the least, Crypto price has been going down and there are a lot of taxes being imposed on Crypto which is leading the miners to stop and more GPUs for general people looking to buy them.

GPU prices in India – April 2022

As of the current state of GPU prices in India as of April 2022, here’s a list of the most popular GPUs with their price and website link:


  • RTX 3090 (MSRP: INR 1,33,500)

AMD Radeon

  • RX 6800 XT (MSRP: INR 64,990)
  • RX 6900 XT (MSRP: INR 79,990)

Should you buy a GPU yet

Even though the GPU price has finally reduced, the next few months are still looking very vulnerable when it comes to the current state of GPU prices. There are various reasons for the prices to possibly rise or go even lower in the near future. The prices can rise if the Russian SWIFT ban is removed or if crypto mining starts booming again. While they can go even lower if the good production is maintained and because of a new competitor in the face of intel Arc.

Your decision to buy a GPU yet or not completely depends on your requirement, patience and need. If you urgently require a GPU, you should go for it but if you have the patience to wait a little longer and see if it goes further down, you should.

For more in-depth news about GPU, check out the video on our Youtube Channel.

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